Microsoft 365 Migration for Incisive Media

Office 365 Migration

The Customer

Incisive Media is an award-winning business to business digital media and events business and part of the ARC network. Its goal is to create premium value and unrivalled opportunities for its professional audiences and commercial partners with technology being a key enabler of this success. It is headquartered in London and publishes over 10 websites and delivers more than 150 events annually into the asset management, pensions and sustainability sectors.

The Challenge

As part of the global events, data, and media platform ARC, decisions were made by the business to migrate Agriconnect, a member of the Arc network into Incisive Media Business (IMB).

The main objective was to smoothly transfer all Agriconnect user mailboxes, shared mailboxes, OneDrive files, Teams channels, and Sharepoint sites to IMB’s tenancy. The specific quantities involved 130 user mailboxes, 100 shared mailboxes, 130 OneDrive accounts, 40 Teams channels, 16 Sharepoint sites

Having successfully handled previous acquisitions for IMB, IMB had full confidence in Transputec’s abilities and decided to rely on their expertise and support for this significant project.

What Transputec Did

Transputec implemented a step-by-step approach to establish a comprehensive migration plan for the specific data that needed to be migrated.

Transputec proceeded to configure the IMB tenant to accommodate the additional Agriconnect users. This step was crucial in facilitating a smooth integration process.

With the use of MigrationWiz tool, a reliable solution known for its effectiveness Transputec successfully migrated all user mailboxes, including shared mailboxes, and OneDrive files from Agriconnect to IMB. This encompassed the migration of Teams channels and Sharepoint sites as well, ensuring a comprehensive transfer of data.

To assist end users, Transputec’s team were deployed onsite and remotely to undertake an end user domain migration ensuring a seamless integration of the migrated services into the IMB support system.

The rollout of the product took approximately one week for pre-migration preparation, followed by the full migration process, which was executed over a weekend. This timeline ensured minimal disruption to the daily operations of the users and allowed for a smooth transition to the new tenancy.

The Outcome

Transputec migrated Agriconnect’ s data successfully. This integration resulted in enhanced collaboration and streamlined operations within the Incisive Media and Agriconnect ecosystem, benefiting the overall efficiency of two organisations across all user’s mail, Sharepoint sites, and Teams.

Since using the product and completing the migration, Incisive Media has seen positive results. The inclusion of the new users from Agriconnect into the managed service agreement has enhanced their overall service offering and further strengthened their relationship with IMB.

Relationship with Transputec

“Incisive Media have a longstanding relationship with Transputec, and we reached out to them for help with migrating users and services from Agriconnect to the Incisive Media tenancy as part of our transformational program. Transputec proved to be fully responsive to our requirements and delivered the project exceptionally well. We were highly impressed with their performance. “

Matthew Kennedy – Operations Manager
January 2024


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