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We help you migrate sophisticated applications to a platform with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.

Our focus is to help optimise business benefit by offering scalable, flexible and reliable Cloud Solutions Services, infrastructure, application or storage that respond to changing demands

Global Cloud Migration Services

Cloud services are becoming increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes and sectors. Cloud computing services enable enterprises to create virtualized IT infrastructures and provide software over the cloud, regardless of the operating systems used by their users. Simply speaking, cloud computing is internet-based computing.

Cloud servers free up memory and computing capacity on individual PCs by hosting software, platforms, and databases remotely. Using credentials provided by the cloud computing provider, users can safely access cloud services. Transputec, an IT Cloud Solutions Provider, can assist with our managed cloud services, which allow us to manage a client’s cloud resources and IT infrastructure.

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Transform your business with Cloud Computing

Cloud based solutions are ideal for businesses with growing bandwidth demands and Transputec has worked with businesses globally to help them make the move to – and then make the most of – cloud computing.

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Benefits of Cloud Services

  • More Secure
    Cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft invest heavily in their cloud network’s security – offering more protection than most medium organisations can do in-house.
  • Always up to Date
    Software and security delivered over the cloud will always be the latest and best.
  • Scalable
    At the click of a button, you can add or remove number of users, meaning you can adapt and grow with ease.
  • Cutting Edge Innovations
    Could you benefit from artificial intelligence and Big Data? The cloud gives you access to these powerful tools.
  • Modern, Flexible Working
    The cloud means staff can securely log in to their work environments from anywhere supporting flexible workplace arrangements.
  • Easy Software Integration
    It’s much easier to integrate IT from different providers into your cloud environment than on-premises.

Services offered


Efficient, cost-effective and dependable cloud services to help your business make the most of cutting-edge technology.


Enjoy the reliability and performance benefits of centralised computing, without the typical high entry-point costs associated with physical colocation.


Secure backup and recovery services by connecting systems to a private, public or hybrid cloud.


Data Recovery in the event of suffering a catastrophic loss of service, restoring IT services and data quickly for minimal disruption.

Microsoft Azure

Specialising in integrating Microsoft tools and technology-migrating services, data and software to the cloud and streamlining business processes.

Amazon Web Services

Leveraging Amazon Web Services to build agile solutions and services to deliver database storage, content delivery and computing power.

Delivering Cloud services to businesses in London and globally

We are your personal cloud experts and your trusted cloud solutions supplier. We serve as a trusted adviser to businesses, assisting in migrating IT services to the cloud with little interruption to your operations. This allows business owners to focus to be solely on operating the business, while also taking advantage of all the benefits the cloud has to offer.

We provide a variety of cloud support solutions and cloud migration services from London and all around the world, including fully managed cloud hosting with complete backup and support. No matter the industry, our experts work hard to provide remarkable support and administration. We also work hard to create a safe and reliable platform for various IT needs.

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What our customers say about us

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I have known Transputec for almost 20 years and have used them in the three different companies that I’ve been with. The considerable length of time that we’ve been working with them has given us the confidence that they will do their best to deliver whatever we ask.

I like Transputec’s honesty. They are upfront about everything and they come directly to us with any questions. Trust is the biggest element in our success. We’re often nervous around other providers, but we never get that with Transputec. They always have our best interests at heart.

Steve Horsfield, Director of IT

Higgins Group

We wanted a strong relationship with our Managed Services Provider both in terms of supporting our business objectives and roadmaps across the Consortium, but also so that when things go wrong on the day to day delivery, they will be an engaged and responsive partner. We have positive two-way communication with Transputec and their speed of response and escalation processes are working really well for us and most importantly our users. In addition, there are good synergies between us. Our company values and ethos are well aligned.

Peter Coles, Diocesan Secretary for the Diocese of Guildford

The Diocesan IT Consortium

Diocese of Guildford

Why customers choose Transputec

  • We have over 36 years of expertise in cloud services. Continuous adaption and innovation in the ever-changing IT trends and technologies mean we have developed and practiced high quality service, knowledge and support.
  • Customer-first approach to solution. Each of our customers has a dedicated account manager, who manages their relationship with every cloud service offered – having one point of trusted contact for every inquiry and question for every step of the journey.
  • Microsoft and AWS official partners – access to expertise in Amazon and Microsoft Azure mean we have access to the latest technologies and can deliver precise cloud computing solutions.
  • Our customers typically save up to 45% of their IT budgets using our IaaS model rather than an on-premise approach.
  • Recognised and awarded for cloud migration services by experts and reliable sources in the industry (client case studies & awards).
  • Bespoke backup solutions. No two clients are the same and we tailor each solution based to align services and products with client’s business goals.
  • Transputec’s highly developed Disaster Recovery Service monitors the replication of services between primary and other data centres which ensures that your IT services continue to function as normal in the case of a fail-over.
  • Support is available 24x7x365, we understand the requirement for support services does not have any time restrictions. Our cloud support team are always available for assistance.


By tapping into more efficient and lower-emitting resources, cloud services can reduce a business’ carbon emissions and be better positioned to meet regulatory standards surrounding sustainability. As a provider we can monitor, predict demand, and adjust the capacity and scale according to business’ needs to reduce energy consumption.

To determine the best cloud service provider, one needs to take multiple factors into consideration such as cloud storage pricing, data transfer loss rate, and rates of data availability, among others.

Azure is great when it comes to hybrid cloud and integrating with Microsoft’s stack of products and AWS offers a lot flexibility and extra features.

There is no one simple answer to this question as it is dependent on the needs of a business.

As a company which has provided business IT security for over 36 years, we take data protection very seriously and are dedicated to ensuring the cloud environment remains absolutely secure. We practice what we preach when it comes to securing our networks. In addition to having a response plan in place, our internal security provides for multiple layers of protection - continuously working to adapt to everchanging threats in the cyber space. 

We implement layer of internal protections:

  • Antivirus as the first layer of protection.
  • Continuous detection monitoring for unusual activities.
  • We have a SOC team who can protect and isolate machines. So, if someone gets through those layers and our SOC team detects that something has gone wrong, we just cut that machine out of the system.
  • Our SOC team can isolate it, investigate it and then either image it or put it back in the network because it was a false positive

Our Cyber Essentials - Certificate of Assurance evidences that we meet the Cyber Essentials implementation profile published in February 2017 and thus that our defences are assessed as satisfactory against commodity based cyber attack. Cyber Essentials helps to guard against the most common cyber threats and demonstrate our commitment to cyber security.

Cloud scalability in cloud computing is the ability to scale up or scale down cloud resources as required by your business. This is one of the main benefits of using the cloud — and it allows companies to better manage IT resources and costs.

Once we understand your business goals and objectives, we will work to develop a strategy that ensures the cloud environment you end up with works with your business structure to optimize operations, minimize overheads, and increase network flexibility.

Infrastructure as a Service grows and scales with you.

Differences between a hybrid, private and public cloud are not as easily defined by ownership and location of the IT infrastructure.

Choosing a cloud type is a unique decision. No two clouds are the same (even if they’re the same type). The cloud you should use is dependent on what you are trying to achieve. Factors like workload size and project complexities need to be considered in order to determine the best cloud solution for your business.

Transputec has helped businesses globally with migration to the cloud. We have worked with simple to complex cloud service solutions for clients of all sizes. Our team of cloud experts take you through the following structured, fast and cost-effective migration process:

  1. Advisory
  2. Assessment
  3. Plan
  4. Migration
  5. Manage
  6. Secure

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