Transforming Customer Ordering with a Bespoke Mobile App for T&S Enterprise

The Customer

Founded in 1999, T&S Enterprises boasts over two decades of experience in supplying high-quality fish and seafood. Based in London, T&S have carved a niche for themselves by offering an impressive selection sourced globally, with a focus on freshness and sustainability. They take pride in supplying some of London’s most esteemed restaurants, demonstrating their dedication to providing the highest calibre ingredients. This commitment to quality and customer service has established T&S Enterprises as a trusted name in the industry.

The Challenge

T&S Enterprises previously hosted its customer ordering services on a third-party online marketplace platform. However, the costs associated with this platform were becoming increasingly expensive. Recognising the need for a more cost-effective solution, T&S sought to build its own App, allowing users to order directly from them and bypass the need of this platform.

This move would not only reduce costs but also enable T&S to promote special offers directly to their customers, thus enhancing customer engagement and loyalty. Additionally, T&S aimed to simplify the ordering process and seamlessly integrate it with their backend systems and processes, developed by Transputec.

What Transputec Did

The new mobile app created by Transputec enhanced the existing web portal experience with several key features designed to improve user experience and streamline interactions. The app was designed to be available on both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring broad accessibility for T&S’s customer base.

The app opened with a secure login page, directing users to a home page that acts as the central hub for navigation following by a “My Templates” page for customising the ordering experience and a “My Favourites” page for quick access to frequently used items. The “My Orders” page provides in-depth information about individual orders. A search/category page make browsing and discovering products easy. Users can manage their selections on the cart page before proceeding to a seamless checkout process on the place order page. Additionally, the “My Account/Company Settings” page allows users to personalise their settings. Transputec ensured the app has a simple, intuitive design that mirrors the current portal colours and included standard shopping cart navigation elements for a smooth user experience.

Transputec recognised certain risks and dependencies associated with the project. User testing and confirmation were potential factors that could delay the rollout, so a timely and effective app implementation was crucial to retaining customers. These considerations underscored the importance of the swift and efficient development and deployment process, ensuring a positive impact and a successful launch. Without the new mobile app, T&S would have continued processing orders through the old platform, leading to increased dependency and higher costs.

The Outcome

The mobile app developed by Transputec proved to be highly successful for T&S Enterprises. It delivered a superior end-user experience and significantly reducing operating costs. The ordering process became seamless, and tracking orders was simplified, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

T&S plans to further enhance functionalities and migrate the app to Azure for improved scalability and security. This project positions T&S for continued growth in a competitive market.

Relationship with Transputec

Our successful collaboration with Transputec began with the development of our initial online portal. The mobile app development followed seamlessly, addressing our evolving needs. As we move to new premises, both the portal and app will be central to our operations, offering customers an exceptional ordering experience.

Kudos to Transputec for delivering another amazing product!

Carlos Da Comceicao,
General Manager

July 2024


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