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Fortify Your Defenses: Unleashing Robust Cyber Security Solutions for Unparalleled Protection and Peace of Mind


We deliver Cyber Security Service: Protecting you 24x7

Safeguarding your digital world. With advanced Cyber Security Services, so that your business stays secure and protected.

Key Services to Elevate Your Cyber Security Posture:

Managed Sentinel SOC – Embrace round-the-clock surveillance and defence with our Managed Sentinel Security Operations Center (SOC) service. A fully managed solution designed to ensure that threats are detected and neutralised swiftly.

ThreatSpike – Cyber Security as a  ServiceOne agent, one dashboard with the cyber protection you need, combined with innovative technology and a 24×7 SOC service, you get complete coverage.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)- Proactively spot and neutralise cyber threats with our comprehensive MDR services. Let our expert teams handle your threat landscape so you can focus on your business.

Cyber Security Audit and Compliance- Stay on top of regulatory standards with our thorough cyber security audits and ensure your security practices keep pace with the evolving landscape.

Cyber Security Service

Be Prepared for Quishing Threat with Transputec

This blog provides an overview of the Quishing, and how Transputec provides Cyber Security to prepare that.

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Cyber Security

We promise proactive Cyber Security services

Transputec is a leading provider of cyber security services, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions to safeguard businesses from evolving threats. Specialising in proactive defence measures, Transputec delivers tailored cyber security services strategies to meet diverse needs. Their services encompass threat detection, vulnerability assessments, and risk management.

Transputec employs cutting-edge technologies to fortify cyber security services defences, including advanced threat intelligence and machine learning algorithms. They provide real-time monitoring to swiftly identify and mitigate potential security breaches, ensuring a proactive response to emerging threats.

The company prioritises compliance with industry regulations and data protection standards, offering expertise in areas such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and other regional compliance requirements.

Utilising our systems and solutions, we provide an array of proactive managed cyber security services that lead the industry in safeguarding and defending against threats.

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Who we serve

“Our versatile IT support extends across diverse sectors. With tailored solutions, we empower businesses in these sectors to navigate digital challenges seamlessly, ensuring robust cybersecurity, efficient operations, and continuous innovation. “

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What we deliver

Managed SOC Services

Transputec’s Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) Services excel in efficient cyber security service operations and delivery. With state-of-the-art technology, the SOC ensures real-time threat detection and response. Its operations prioritise efficiency, offering comprehensive support and expert monitoring. Clients benefit from proactive security measures, swift incident response, and ongoing support, reinforcing a robust defence against evolving cyber threats.

Managed detection and response (MDR)

Transputec’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services operate with precision in cyber security services. Swift threat identification is ensured through efficient operations, optimising delivery and response mechanisms. The service’s streamlined efficiency is complemented by expert support, providing continuous monitoring. Transputec’s MDR stands as a reliable solution, offering businesses robust and effective protection against evolving cyber threats.


Transputec’s ThreatSpike delivers robust cyber security services with a focus on efficient operations and swift threat response. The service optimises delivery for streamlined efficiency, ensuring proactive threat mitigation. Expert support is integral, offering continuous monitoring and assistance. ThreatSpike stands as a reliable solution for businesses, providing effective protection against evolving cyber threats through its proficient operations and support mechanisms.

Vulnerability Assessment

Transputec’s Vulnerability Assessment services precisely identify potential weaknesses in cyber security services. The delivery of assessments is optimised for efficiency, providing thorough insights into vulnerabilities. The service emphasises robust operations, conducting comprehensive assessments for enhanced security. Expert support is integral, guiding clients through findings and offering solutions.

We provide Holistic Cybersecurity Services!

“Our Cyber Security Services extend beyond technology, encompassing comprehensive training programs for staff to enhance cybersecurity awareness and promote a security-centric culture within organisations. With a commitment to staying ahead of the cyber security curve, we empower businesses to navigate the digital landscape securely and confidently.”

Penetration Testing

Transputec’s Penetration Testing services ensure thorough cyber security services evaluation through expertly conducted operations. The delivery of testing is optimised for efficiency, providing comprehensive insights into vulnerabilities. The service prioritises support, guiding clients through the findings and offering solutions. With a commitment to robust operations and support, Transputec’s Penetration Testing is a trusted resource for businesses.

Microsoft Sentinel SOC

Transputec’s Microsoft Sentinel SOC delivers advanced cyber security services with precision. The operations are streamlined for efficient threat detection and response. The delivery of services is optimised, ensuring proactive defence against evolving threats. The SOC prioritises efficiency, complemented by expert support offering continuous monitoring. Transputec’s Microsoft Sentinel SOC is a trusted solution for businesses seeking robust and effective protection.

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CLIENT Success Stories

WFS Partners with Transputec to Boost Cyber Security Solutions

WFS Trusts Transputec for global Cyber Security

Safety and security will always be WFS’ top priority to underpin the vital services we provide for our airline customers at airports around the world. We take this responsibility very seriously and are constantly reviewing our systems and processes to ensure they are fit-for-purpose against potential threats and to protect our business continuity. Transputec is providing critical managed services that enable us to improve the resilience, efficiency and security of our global operations, which gives us the peace of mind that any security anomaly or incident will be managed and resolved instantly.

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Transputec is providing critical managed cyber security service that enable us to improve the resilience, efficiency and security of our global operations, which gives us the peace of mind that any security anomaly or incident will be managed and resolved instantly.

Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) logo
Pedro Garcia

Transputec & Threatspike are a trusted partners, delivering Cyber Security as a Service 24×7 globally.Very impressed with the speed at which things get done and the protection they provide us.

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Lee Scott
Head of Security, ISS

Tried many partners before and the speed and agility of delivery was outstanding. I got totally protected throughout my organisation in record time. Very happy indeed.

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Ron Doobay
Chief Technology Officer, Incisive Media

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