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Transputec is your trusted IT procurement partner, providing reliable and efficient services that meet your technology needs. Our procurement experts ensure you receive the best value and quality, supporting your strategic objectives.


Delivering Seamless & IT Procurement Services experience

Your trusted VAR to deliver globally, one supplier, one place to order. We are IT procurement services specialists.

With Transputec as your trusted IT procurement services partner, you can rest assured knowing that we will streamline the entire procurement process, allowing you to focus your valuable time and resources on harnessing the potential of your newly acquired hardware to propel your business towards growth and success. We understand the critical role that efficient
procurement plays in achieving your business objectives, and we are here to make that process as smooth, efficient, and hassle-free as possible.

One of the key advantages of choosing Transputec’s IT procurement services, is our ability to serve as your single source of supply. We have established strong relationships with leading technology vendors and manufacturers, allowing us to offer you a comprehensive range of products, at competitive prices and solutions from trusted and reputable brands. This not only simplifies the IT procurement services process but also ensures that you have access to the latest technologies and innovations that can drive your business forward. We’re a team that’s passionate about delivering exceptional service, unwavering quality and unbeatable value.

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Prepare IT Asset Lifecycle with Transputec

This blog provides an overview of the IT Asset Lifecycle, and how Transputec provides IT Procurement to prepare that.

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IT Procurement Cycle

We Streamline IT Procurement for Success

Transputec is a leading provider of IT Procurement Services, offering comprehensive solutions to streamline and optimise the procurement process. Their approach involves a meticulous understanding of client requirements, ensuring the sourcing of high-quality hardware and software at competitive prices. Transputec’s services encompass vendor management, negotiations, and strategic procurement planning.

With a commitment to operational efficiency, Transputec employs cutting-edge technologies to enhance the procurement lifecycle. The company’s experienced team navigates the complexities of IT procurement, ensuring timely and cost-effective acquisitions. Emphasising scalability, security, and compliance, Transputec tailors its services to meet the evolving needs of clients.

Transputec’s IT Procurement Services extend beyond traditional procurement, incorporating strategic consulting to align IT investments with business goals. The company’s vendor-agnostic approach enables clients to access a diverse range of products and services, empowering them to make informed and cost-effective procurement decisions. Overall, Transputec’s IT Procurement Services stand as a trusted partner for businesses seeking efficient, secure, and strategic IT procurement services.

Who we serve

“Our versatile IT support extends across diverse sectors. With tailored solutions, we empower businesses in these sectors to navigate digital challenges seamlessly, ensuring robust cybersecurity, efficient operations, and continuous innovation. “

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What we deliver

DaaS - Device as a Service

As a component of their IT Procurement Services, Transputec’s Device as a Service excels in smooth operations and maximises delivery for all-inclusive device solutions. By emphasising efficiency, device management is made simpler and clients are given access to modern, secure technology. Professional aid is essential, providing ongoing supervision and support.

Device Lifecycle Management

As an essential part of its IT Procurement Services, Transputec’s Device Lifecycle Management service excels in smooth operations and maximises the delivery of complete device lifecycle solutions. The emphasis on efficiency ensures efficient device maintenance throughout their lives, giving clients access to safe, dependable, and current technology.

Lenovo Partner

Transputec, as a Lenovo Partner within its IT Procurement Services, excels in efficient operations, optimising delivery for comprehensive solutions using Lenovo products. The focus on efficiency ensures streamlined procurement processes, providing clients with high-quality hardware from Lenovo. Transputec provides reliable resources for businesses seeking top-notch IT procurement solutions.

Empowering Success with IT Procurement!

“Our services empower success through strategic sourcing, delivering quality solutions tailored to your needs. Experience efficiency, reliability, and excellence in every acquisition, propelling your business forward.”

Dell Partner

Transputec is an IT procurement service provider that partners with Dell to provide clients with comprehensive solutions using Dell products. Their key focus is streamlining procurement processes to ensure efficient operations and timely delivery of high-quality Dell hardware. With expert support and continuous assistance, Transputec’s Dell Partner services are a reliable resource for businesses.

Featured Case Study

CLIENT Success Stories

apcer case study2

Challenging deployment in New York

The office move involved relocating all of APCER’s IT environment from one location in New Jersey to another office, procurement of new equipment and ensuring everything happened on time and ready for their new CEO visit. Transputec not only sourced the equipment we needed, they delivered an exceptional team that just got the job done. The account management team over and beyond to ensure the project was delivered successfully.


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A perfect customer , supplier relationship. Open, direct, to the point and they get stuff done. When it goes wrong, we are told about it and a fix is organised before it becomes a bigger issue. A trusted partner that delivers for us world wide.

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Jay Patel
IT Manager, London

They were highly competitive and got the products delivered to our data centre on time to ensure the rest of the project wasn’t held up. Totally rely on them for all our hardware and software procurement.

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Lalit Mandalia
Head of IT and Technical services

When we were let down by another supplier, we found Transputec, they went out their way to solve the issue, find the product and deliver. The account management, speed of response is always impressive.

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Ron Doobay
Chief Technology Officer, Incisive Media

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