Optimising AWS Costs and Efficiency for IQPC

The Customer

IQPC is a major player in the events industry, established in 1973. They are the largest privately owned conference company globally, hosting over 1,200 events annually. Their workforce is spread across the world with a headcount exceeding 1,244 employees.

The Challenge

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, businesses are continually looking for ways to optimise their operations and reduce costs. IQPC faced significant challenges in managing their cloud infrastructure costs, particularly with Amazon Web Services (AWS). In their quest for efficiency, IQPC turned to Transputec to streamline their operations DevOps, run their cloud environment more efficiently and help make savings.

IQPC’s extensive use of AWS for hosting and managing their digital assets led to ballooning costs. Despite leveraging the flexibility and scalability of AWS, the expenses associated with underutilised resources, inefficient configurations, and lack of comprehensive monitoring posed a severe financial burden. IQPC recognised the need for expert intervention to optimise their environment and engaged Transputec’s DevOps teams to manage IQPC’s AWS environment.

What Transputec Did

Transputec’s DevOps team conducted a thorough assessment of IQPC’s AWS environment, identifying key areas for optimisation. Their approach included:

Resource Optimisation: By analysing usage patterns, Transputec identified underutilised and idle resources. They implemented automated scaling solutions to ensure that IQPC only paid for what they used, significantly reducing wastage.

Cost Monitoring and Management: Transputec deployed advanced monitoring tools to provide real-time insights into cost drivers. This enabled proactive management of resources and swift response to any anomalies.

Configuration Improvements: The team reconfigured existing setups to enhance performance while minimising costs. This included optimising storage solutions, refining database management, removing Citrix and improving network configurations.

The Outcome

The impact of Transputec’s DevOps teams interventions was profound. IQPC experienced a dramatic reduction in their AWS costs, saving over $1 million per year. The optimisation not only resulted in financial savings but also improved system performance and reliability, enhancing the overall user experience.

Relationship with Transputec

Juhel Ahmed, Head of IT for IQPC, shared his insights on the partnership:

“Transputec’s expertise has been a game-changer for us. Their DevOps and support team meticulously analysed our environment, identified inefficiencies, and implemented solutions that we wouldn’t have thought possible. The savings of over $1 million annually are remarkable, but equally impressive is the improved performance and stability of our systems. Transputec has exceeded our expectations, and we are incredibly happy with the results.”

The collaboration between Transputec and IQPC exemplifies the transformative power of strategic IT management. Through their comprehensive managed services and optimisation strategies, Transputec not only helped IQPC achieve substantial cost savings but also enhanced their operational efficiency and system reliability. This case study underscores the importance of expert intervention in managing complex cloud environments and reaffirms Transputec’s position as a leader in Managed Services.

As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of digital transformation, partnerships like that of Transputec and IQPC highlight the value of specialised expertise in driving both cost efficiency and operational excellence.

Juhel Ahmed
Head of IT

June 2024


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