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Unmatched Security with Our Microsoft Sentinel SOC Services

Microsoft Sentinel SOC
Our Microsoft Sentinel SOC services offer an advanced solution to protect your organisation. Utilising Microsoft Sentinel, a cloud-native SIEM, we provide real-time security monitoring, intelligent threat detection, and rapid response to incidents.

Our Microsoft Sentinel SOC experts leverage AI and machine learning to analyse vast amounts of data, identifying and mitigating threats before they impact your business. With 24/7 monitoring and a team of cybersecurity experts, we ensure your systems are secure and compliant. We provide unparalleled protection and safeguarding your digital assets. Experience peace of mind with a trusted partner committed to keeping your organisation safe from cyber threats.

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"Tried many partners before and the speed and agility of delivery was outstanding. I got totally protected throughout my organisation in record time. Very happy indeed."
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We Revolutionises Cybersecurity with Tailored Microsoft Sentinel SOC Services

Cloud-Native Security Solutions

We offer comprehensive Microsoft Sentinel SOC services to fortify organisations’ cybersecurity posture. Leveraging our expertise in cloud-native security solutions, we deploy Microsoft Sentinel SOC to empower clients with advanced threat detection, rapid incident response, and proactive security measures. 

Proactive Threat Hunting and Optimisation

Our team of experienced security analysts continuously monitors and analyses security events in real time using Microsoft Sentinel SOC’s powerful analytics capabilities. We swiftly investigate alerts, triage incidents, and respond to threats effectively, minimising the impact of potential breaches. 

Get Ready for Cyber Security with Transputec

This blog provides information on how to protect from Cyber Security and how Transputec assists you in preparation.

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In- House Microsoft Sentinel SOC Monitoring


Managing SOC in-house gives you direct control over all processes and decisions. Your team can set priorities and adapt strategies in real time based on your specific needs and risk tolerance.

Internal Knowledge

An internal team has an in-depth understanding of your organisation’s infrastructure, culture, and business goals, which can streamline decision-making and incident response processes.


If your organisation handles highly sensitive data, maintaining SOC operations internally can help to ensure the privacy and security of this information.


Outsourced Microsoft Sentinel SOC Monitoring


Transputec has a team of seasoned cybersecurity professionals proficient in the latest threat detection techniques and mitigation strategies. This specialised expertise can be hard to match with an in-house team unless you’re willing to invest heavily in ongoing training and development.

24/7 Monitoring

Transputec provides around-the-clock surveillance of your digital ecosystem. Ensuring continuous monitoring internally might require significant resources and can be particularly challenging for smaller businesses.

Cutting-edge Technology

Transputec leverages state-of-the-art technologies and real-time threat intelligence to detect and respond to potential threats. Maintaining this level of technology internally would require a substantial investment.

Scalability & Cost-Effectiveness

Transputec’s services are scalable, growing with your business, and offering cost savings compared to building and maintaining an in-house SOC.

Compliance Assurance

Transputec’s services ensure compliance with various cybersecurity regulations and standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties and reputational damage.

Significant Cost Savings

Partnering with Transputec for SOC monitoring offers a cost-effective alternative, providing access to expert services, freeing up your resources that can be redirected towards other strategic areas of your business.

Opting for Managed Sentinel SOC service brings numerous advantages over maintaining an in-house Security Operations Center. You benefit from round-the-clock expert monitoring, advanced threat detection, and rapid incident response capabilities without the overhead costs. Our SOC experts leverage cutting-edge technologies, industry best practices, and a wealth of experience to safeguard your organisation, enabling you to focus on core business operations while maintaining a robust security posture.

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Microsoft Sentinel SOC FAQ's

Transputec’s Microsoft Sentinel SOC as a service provides businesses with a comprehensive 24×7 security operations center (SOC) solution that overlooks your  Microsoft Sentinel investment in security.. It leverages advanced cloud-native technologies and machine learning capabilities to enable real-time threat detection, proactive incident response, and enhanced security management. Our Cyber teams monitor your environment and offer businesses increased visibility, improved threat detection, and streamlined security operations within a simple monthly budget.

Transputec’s Sentinel SOC as a service helps businesses enhance their cybersecurity posture by providing 24/7 cyber security teams to help with threat monitoring, proactive threat hunting, and rapid incident response. Leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure Sentinel, our service enables businesses to detect and respond to cyber threats in real-time, ensuring the protection of their critical assets and sensitive data.

Transputec’s Microsoft Sentinel SOC as a service offers several benefits, including real-time threat detection, proactive incident response, enhanced security analytics, simplified security operations, and improved compliance management. Businesses can leverage the capabilities of Azure Sentinel and our expert security analysts to strengthen their defences, detect emerging threats, and efficiently respond to security incidents.

Transputec’s Sentinel SOC as a service streamlines security operations by centralising security event collection, analysis, and response in a single platform. This eliminates the need for complex integrations and provides businesses with a unified view of their security posture. Our expert analysts leverage the power of Azure Sentinel to efficiently detect and investigate threats, reducing response times and improving overall security operations efficiency.

Businesses should choose Transputec for Azure Sentinel SOC as a service because we have deep expertise in Microsoft Azure Sentinel and a proven track record in delivering effective security operations. Our service combines advanced technologies, skilled security analysts, and a customer-centric approach to provide businesses with comprehensive threat detection, incident response, and proactive security management.
The cost of an outsourced SOC service can vary depending on factors such as the level of service required, the size and complexity of the organisation, and the specific needs and goals. Pricing models may include monthly subscriptions, tiered service levels, or customised packages tailored to your requirements. Get in touch with us so that we can price up a solution for you.

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