Public Sector Frameworks


Expands Public Sector Frameworks Through Crown Commercial Services

Public Sector Frameworks

The Public Sector Frameworks agreement serves as a structured mechanism through which government entities procure services and products from approved suppliers, ensuring both flexibility and reliability in meeting their needs. Transputec, as a designated supplier within the Crown Commercial Service’s Framework (Tepas2), gains the opportunity to expand its service portfolio to cater specifically to the public sector.

This arrangement offers several benefits to both customers and suppliers alike. For customers, having access to a pre-vetted pool of suppliers streamlines the procurement process, reducing administrative burden and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. The flexibility inherent in the framework allows for agile adjustments to meet evolving needs, ensuring that public sector entities can efficiently obtain the necessary goods and services to fulfill their mandates.

By participating in the Public Sector Frameworks agreement, both customers and suppliers contribute to the overarching goals of efficiency, transparency, and accountability in government procurement. Through standardized processes and rigorous oversight, the framework ensures that taxpayer funds are spent responsibly while enabling public sector entities to access high-quality products and services from reputable suppliers like Transputec. In essence, this agreement represents a win-win scenario for all parties involved, driving value creation and promoting effective governance within the public sector.

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"When we were let down by another supplier, we found Transputec, they went out their way to solve the issue, find the product and deliver. The account management, speed of response is always impressive."
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Crown Commercial Service’s Framework

Public Sector Framework Streamline IT Procurement!


We Simplify IT Procurement of Public Sector Frameworks for You

Transputec is your one-stop-shop for comprehensive hardware and software procurement solutions. Our vast inventory of products coupled with our competitive pricing makes us the ideal partner for your IT procurement needs. Whether you are seeking the latest hardware or cutting-edge software solutions, Transputec’s account managers will make the process of purchasing straightforward and hassle-free.
We can support in the following areas:

Lot 2: Hardware and Associated Services
Hardware requirements, including but not limited to; end user devices, device as a service, infrastructure as a service, infrastructure hardware, consumables, peripheral equipment, other technology hardware (e.g. audio visual, radio, sensors, networking, security etc.) and services.

Lot 3: Software and Associated Services
Software requirements, including but not limited to; commercial off the shelf software (COTS software), operating systems, productivity, business software and resource management, IT management software, networking and network management software, data and analytics, energy management, audio-visual, security (all include cloud delivery; software as a service, platform as a service and cloud services models) and services.

Lot 8: Technology Catalogue
Hardware, software and services procured through an online catalogue. Ideal for low value and low complexity requirements.

Our vast inventory of products coupled with our competitive pricing makes us the ideal partner for your IT procurement needs.

Get Ready for Public Sector with Transputec

This blog provides information on Public Sector Framework and how Transputec assists you in preparation.

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Why Use Our Public Sector Frameworks Services

Competitive Pricing

We negotiate with suppliers to secure the best prices, ensuring that our clients receive top-notch products at competitive rates. Managing ‘special bid’ pricing globally and ensuring the competitiveness is continuously challenged.

Vast Inventory

Our comprehensive inventory includes a wide range of hardware and software solutions, catering to the diverse needs of businesses across industries. Where the stock is not in our live inventory, our teams will seek to source the product from our global partnerships.

Account Management

Our account management teams are transparent and efficient. We provide real-time updates and maintain open lines of communication throughout the procurement process.

Efficient Procurement Process

We’ve streamlined our procurement process to make purchasing products easy and hassle-free.

Expert Guidance

Our team of experts provides valuable advice, guiding you towards the best hardware and software solutions that align with your business needs and budget. Managing End of Life products and transitions where needed.

Post-Purchase Support

We provide complete after care support on everything we sell, whether its a technical query, support on invoicing or handling other issues, we are there to support our customers throughout the process.

Transputec is more than a supplier; we’re your partner in IT procurement. Our aim is to make the procurement process as straightforward and efficient as possible, ensuring you get the right hardware and software solutions without the stress. With our competitive pricing, vast inventory, and excellent customer service, you can trust Transputec to deliver on all your IT procurement needs.

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With over 35 years of experience in supplying IT equipment to the public sector from hospitals universities and councils.  We understand the unique requirements and regulations involved and have become experts at navigating complex procurement processes, making us a trustworthy choice.

We are listed on Public Sector G-Cloud and other public sector frameworks like Crown Commercial Services.

Transputec prioritises compliance. We stay up-to-date with the latest requirements and conduct regular audits to ensure our products meet the necessary specifications. We also maintain strong partnerships with manufacturers and our rigorous quality control measures guarantee that the equipment we provide adheres to regulations, ensuring it meets the required standards.

Transputec offers value-added services such as consultation, customised configurations, installation, support, and training to enhance the IT procurement process for public sector buyers.

Transputec sets itself apart from other suppliers in IT procurement for the public sector through transparent pricing, superior quality and dedicated customer support. By upholding these values, Transputec strives to build long-term partnerships with public sector buyers based on trust and excellence in IT procurement services.

Yes, Transputec can assist with the disposal and responsible recycling of outdated or decommissioned IT equipment. We understand the impact technology products can have on the ecology, therefore proper environmentally friendly options for disposal are provided. Our aim is to exceed regulatory compliance and proactively promote sustainable practices in IT equipment recycling.

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