Database Administration as a Service (DBAaaS) Solutions for Bristow Sutor


The Customer

Bristow & Sutor is a family business founded in 1977 based in Redditch, Worcestershire. Bristow & Sutor has grown to more than 450 employees working across the UK, providing end-to-end debt collection and credit management support for clients and have a reputable status in the debt recovery business.

The Challenge

Bristow Sutor’s SQL Server database environment, internally managed for over 15 years, encountered performance hurdles due to organic growth and significant client acquisitions. The existing infrastructure struggled to keep pace with the increased demands, resulting in persistent issues. Bristow faced the challenge of enhancing the performance of their databases without making substantial investments in new hardware.

What Transputec Did

Transputec’ s DBAaaS service team conducted an exhaustive analysis of Bristow’s SQL Server database environment. This comprehensive review, geared towards addressing critical performance issues. The analysis identified that challenges primarily stemmed from the system’s struggle to cope with the ever-increasing workload efficiently. To strategically resolve these issues without increase in hardware capacity, Transputec DBAaaS team proposed a tailored suite of solutions focused on optimising database query performance, implementing optimum indexing strategies, and fine-tuning inefficient code segments. These recommendations aim to efficiently use the existing infrastructure and achieve the desired operational stability and improved performance of the system.

The Outcome

Bristow Sutor’s decision to engage Transputec DBAaaS service was pivotal in addressing the performance challenges they faced. The DBAaaS team meticulous approach, spanning from issue identification through to solution implementation, resulted in approximately 90% of their recommendations being successfully applied. The implemented solutions led to significant improvements in performance metrics. Over three to four months, CPU usage, previously hovering near 100%, dropped consistently to a range between 40% and 60%. The frequent database lock issues have now disappeared. Thanks to the efforts of Transputec DBAaaS service, the newfound system stability has allowed Bristow Sutor users to perform their daily routines without system failures.

Transputec’ s DBAaaS team collaboration with Bristow Sutor effectively demonstrated the transformative impact of tailored solutions in optimising database performance. Bristow Sutor, now, benefit from a dependable and stable system, allowing them to focus on future initiatives without the burden of persistent performance issues. These favourable outcomes and the extended collaboration stand as testament to the success of Transputec’ s DBAaaS services approach in not just meeting but exceeding our evolving needs.

Relationship with Transputec

James highlighted, “The success of our collaboration was clear from the execution of the plan we set at the beginning. Transputec DBAaaS team demonstrated their ability to identify, solve, and execute solutions effectively. The outcomes matched our expectations, affirming the accuracy of their recommendations. This success strengthened our overall relationship, prompting us to extend our engagement to include production support. This decision was solely based on the positive results achieved in this project, highlighting our confidence in Transputec’ s capabilities.”

James Mills – Head of IT and Development
December 2023


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