Reliable and Proactive IT Solutions for Corinthia Hotels Brussels


The Customer

Corinthia Hotels, a renowned family-owned hospitality group established in 1962, is celebrated for its exceptional guest experiences and luxurious properties across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. With a portfolio of 14 distinguished hotels, Corinthia is committed to exceeding guest expectations and setting industry standards.

The Challenge

Corinthia Hotels embarked on an ambitious expansion plan, setting their sights on for key cities: Brussels, Bucharest, New York, and Rome. This vision included both establishing brand new hotels and revitalising existing properties.

One such project was the Corinthia Brussels, originally acquired in 2016. With an opening in Summer 2024, this 126-room hotel will embody Corinthia’s renowned dedication to detail and unparalleled hospitality, aiming to become a new pinnacle of luxury in the city.

However, to seamlessly integrate these new ventures with their existing infrastructure and ensure operational efficiency, Corinthia recognised the need for a robust and reliable IT solution. This solution would ultimately play a crucial role in their expansion strategy, allowing them to continue delivering exceptional guest experiences at the new hotels

Corinthia sought a trusted IT partner who would be instrumental in navigating this crucial phase of their journey and providing the necessary IT support.

What Transputec Did

Leveraging its deep understanding of the hospitality sector and its specific IT needs led by Zaran Bandrawala, the Hospitality Business Lead delivered a comprehensive suite of solutions to support Corinthia’s expansion plans:

End-to-End Smart IT Procurement: Transputec’s experienced team streamlined the entire IT procurement process, from selecting the most suitable hardware and software solutions to their timely and smooth deployment within the hotel. This minimised disruption and allowed Corinthia to focus on other crucial aspects of the hotel’s opening.

Proactive Support and Maintenance: Transputec adopted a proactive approach to IT support, ensuring the hotel’s systems remained operational and up-to-date. Their team proactively identified and addressed potential issues, preventing major disruptions to hotel operations and guaranteeing uninterrupted service for guests.

Leveraging Innovation: Transputec brought its innovative solutions and technology expertise to the table, recommending and implementing cutting-edge IT solutions that enhanced Corinthia’s guest experience and operational efficiency. These solutions contributed to a more streamlined and efficient operation for the hotel.

Future Plans: Transputec discussed future integration plans with Corinthia, outlining collaborative efforts to further integrate new IT infrastructure with existing systems. This collaborative approach ensures a smooth transition and optimal operational efficiency in the long term.

The Outcome

Through Transputec’s reliable and comprehensive IT support, Corinthia Hotels successfully launched its new Corinthia Brussels Hotel with a robust and seamlessly integrated IT infrastructure. This strategic partnership ensured a smooth guest experience from day one, minimising technology-related disruptions during the crucial opening phase. Transputec’s proactive approach prevented system downtime and enabled Corinthia’s hotel staff to focus on delivering their signature exceptional hospitality, free from IT concerns.

Relationship with Transputec

Corinthia has been collaborating with Transputec for over seven years on various projects. Following the successful implementation at the Corinthia Brussels Hotel, Corinthia Hotels and Transputec have continued to strengthen the ongoing partnership. Transputec continues to provide reliable IT support and services, ensuring the continued smooth operation of Corinthia’s IT infrastructure across their Brussel property. This case study exemplifies Transputec’s commitment to providing reliable, proactive, and innovative IT solutions that cater to the specific needs of the hospitality sector, ultimately contributing to the success of their clients.

Ian Briffa
Director Technology Systems, Infrastructure & Security

May 2024


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