The Academy
The Academy

"The best way to learn is to teach"

The Transputec Academy was launched early in 2015 and leads to “self-improvement” through training and learning. The Academy is the name we give the scheme through which all employees train, develop, mentor and be mentored.

The Academy expands on the induction process and involves everyone in the organisation undertaking ongoing training, giving each person the opportunity to learn and develop. It includes external and internal training, education, learning and development to achieve accreditations.

The Academy also gives employees the chance to share their knowledge with others, we call these people EXEMPLARS. Exemplars are invited to share their subject matter expertise with their peers in short courses that are less then 15 minutes long. These courses are recorded on camera and shared with other members of staff worldwide.

The process of learning, assessment and people’s development is supported by an online application which provide a convenient and flexible way to “self-improvement”.

Building a work culture of learning

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