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Every organisation faces a seemingly endless list of cyber security threats waiting to breach the security perimeter, and compromise the network. Introducing ThreatSpike, our insider threat monitoring software, the next generation in managed security.

ThreatSpike Wire managed security solution provides full, end-to-end protection, detection, and remediation against cyber threats on the network, servers, and computers. ThreatSpike compliments our Cyber Security as a Service providing total security to protect your business against the worst-case scenario.

Threatspike Security
Cyber Security as a Service
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How does ThreatSpike work?

  • 1
    Install TheatSpike on workstations and servers
  • 2
    ThreatSpike monitors your network traffic and endpoint activity 24/7 for threats and vulnerabilities
  • 3
    ThreatSpike alerts you in real time, and secures your network using automated security controls

Block threats and identify compromises with ThreatSpike

ThreatSpike offers advanced protection against:

Hacking activity

Threatspike monitors for hack attempts, including reconnaissance, network and application exploits, and lateral movement


ThreatSpike monitors technology systems and business processes for weaknesses that may be exploited to steal data and commit fraud


ThreatSpike uses machine learning and other methods to detect malware, remote access tools, and command and control network activity

Insider threats

ThreatSike monitors logins, authorisation changes, access reach, electronic communications, and data transfers to detect threats from the inside

ThreatSpike Wire cyber security monitoring solution key features

Monitoring software deployed on the network, servers, and end points, collects instant visibility into user and device behaviour

Dashboard, reports, and analytics hosted on the cloud provide real time information available anywhere, no matter the incident

24/7 threat and vulnerability monitoring by penetration testers, security analysts, and software developers

Range of protective security controls provide proactive and reactive threat blocking including automatic sandboxing, asset inventory, and data discovery

What can ThreatSpike do?

ThreatSpike Wire can be deployed on the network to do the following:

The next generation of security monitoring services

Learn more about ThreatSpike, and understand how we can help you rethink your cyber security protections.