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Transputec is a certified Microsoft Solutions Partner. With extensive expertise in Microsoft technologies, we are committed to ensuring that we elevate your business to the highest standards.

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As a Microsoft solutions partner, offers a range of specialised services to help businesses leverage Microsoft technologies effectively. Our partnership with Microsoft allows us to provide expert guidance and support across various Microsoft platforms, including Microsoft 365 and Azure.

We specialise in integrating and optimising Microsoft 365 applications through our CoPilot for Microsoft 365 service. This AI-powered tool enhances productivity by integrating with apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and Loop. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Transputec offers comprehensive Azure Cloud Services, and Microsoft Sentinel SOC focusing on scalability, security, and efficiency. 

We assist businesses in boosting productivity, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation with custom IT solutions and ongoing support.

Microsoft Solutions Partner

Microsoft CoPilot for Security with Transputec

This blog provides an overview of the Microsoft CoPilot for Security, and how Transputec is a trusted partner.

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We excel in Microsoft Services

Transputec, as a Microsoft solutions partner, offers a range of specialised services to help businesses leverage Microsoft technologies effectively. Their partnership with Microsoft allows them to provide expert guidance and support across various Microsoft platforms. 

We assist businesses in maximising productivity through efficient deployment, migration, and management of Office applications, email, and collaboration tools like Teams. We help businesses harness the power of Azure’s scalable infrastructure, enabling efficient data storage, advanced analytics, and robust application development. 

As a Microsoft solutions partner, we offer customised implementation strategies, aligning Copilot features with specific business needs to automate repetitive tasks and provide intelligent insights, thereby improving overall efficiency. Transputec’s support for Microsoft Sentinel SOC is critical. By utilising Microsoft Sentinel’s advanced analytics and AI, we monitor and safeguard IT environments, ensuring swift incident response and minimising potential risks. 

Who we serve

“Our versatile IT support extends across diverse sectors. With tailored solutions, we empower businesses in these sectors to navigate digital challenges seamlessly, ensuring robust cybersecurity, efficient operations, and continuous innovation. “

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What we deliver

M365 Services

Transputec’s M365 services, excel in efficient operations, optimising delivery for comprehensive solutions within the Microsoft 365 environment. The focus on efficiency ensures streamlined collaboration, communication, and productivity. Expert support is integral, offering continuous monitoring and assistance. Transputec’s M365 services, which combine strong support mechanisms with operational efficiency, are a reliable option for companies looking for excellent Microsoft 365 support.

Microsoft Sentinel SOC

Transputec’s Microsoft Sentinel SOC delivers advanced cyber security services with precision. The operations are streamlined for efficient threat detection and response. The delivery of services is optimised, ensuring proactive defence against evolving threats. The SOC prioritises efficiency, complemented by expert support offering continuous monitoring. Transputec’s Microsoft Sentinel SOC is a trusted solution for businesses seeking robust and effective protection.

Azure Cloud Services

Transputec excels in effective operations and optimises delivery for comprehensive solutions in Microsoft Azure environments with their Azure Cloud Services, which are an essential part of their Cloud Services. Processes for development, deployment, and management are made more efficient by the efficiency focus. Transputec’s Azure Cloud Services combine strong support mechanisms with operational efficiency, making them a dependable option for companies looking for excellent support in Azure.

We excel in supporting businesses!

“Our team of experts handles everything from initial planning to execution, including data migration, application integration, and security configurations. We prioritise security and compliance, implementing robust measures such as multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and threat detection. 

Copilot for Microsoft 365

Transputec is your trusted partner in Copilot for Microsoft 365 to enhance your business operations. As a leading technology solutions provider, we specialise in leveraging the power of CoPilot for Microsoft 365 to streamline and optimise your workflows. Our team of experts understands the complexities of Microsoft Copilot and can customise solutions to fit your specific business needs. Whether you want to improve collaboration, we help you to navigate smoothly through the integration and implementation process.

Featured Case Study

CLIENT Success Stories


MS Transition and M365 Migration for Team Savante Group UK Limited

Savante Group UK Ltd engaged with Transputec for the migration of their websites, Microsoft 365 tenant, licensing, and all user support services. 


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What always impresses us when working with Transputec is the responsiveness of its people – it is hard-wired into their DNA.

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Martyn Waller
Higgins Group Services Director, London

Transputec won our RFP and we’ve been so impressed with the Global managed IT services they now provide us 24×7. We even achieved massive savings in our AWS spend!

Juhel Ahmed
IT Manager, IQPC

We were looking for a partner to help us with various managed IT services projects, and then we wanted to outsource all of IT , we found the perfect trusted partner that outperformed.

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Ron Doobay
Chief Technology Officer, Incisive Media

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