Azure Cloud Migration for Incisive Media

Azure Cloud Migration

The Customer

Incisive Media is a large and influential B2B information and events company with a wide-reaching impact and part of the ARC network. Founded in 1994 it has grown to become a significant player in various industries such as enterprise technology and financial services. With its headquarters in London, Incisive Media has built a reputation for its digital innovation.

The Challenge

Incisive Media (IM) systems were hosted in two separate environments: a private cloud in a datacentre and on-premise servers. There was an immediate need to address a failed VMware host but taking a broader perspective to enhance their infrastructure, IM decided to migrate their systems to Azure. This move not only improved their security and redundancy capabilities but also provided them with a more scalable platform for their business and future acquisitions.

During this transition, IM acquired Agriconnect, the UK’s largest agricultural information business, which plays a crucial role in bringing together the British farming community. To seamlessly integrate Agriconnect into the IM domain, specific Azure hosted services needed to be provisioned.

IM’s main objective was to transfer as many services as possible to the Azure Cloud, enabling them to benefit from its secure and scalable infrastructure. This strategic move would optimise their operations and support their growth in a reliable and flexible manner.

What Transputec Did

Transputec has been IM’s trusted partner for over 10 years, providing managed services and were a natural choice given their familiarity with the environment, expertise in delivering the solution, and dedicated service delivery teams.

Transputec initially presented IM with various solution options to mitigate server risks, followed by options for a flexible and secure solution using Microsoft Azure cloud. Their experts designed and implemented the solution, provisioning additional services for Agriconnect. The implementation timeline for building the environment was synchronised with other initiatives, including the migration of 365 services (Mail, Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint).

Transputec ensured that the customer’s workloads were based in the UK and had backup options for enhanced reliability. By connecting the customer’s on-premise servers through Azure, they established smooth communication channels, robust security measures and backup and recovery systems were operational. Transputec conducted thorough testing to ensure seamless functionality and provided ongoing support for the customer’s peace of mind.

The Outcome

The impact on IM’s business has been significant, with improved infrastructure resilience and redundancy. The product rollout was completed within 3 months, ensuring timely availability of hosted applications. Positive results were seen, addressing previous risks and providing a scalable and managed solutions. Moving to the public cloud offered cost effectiveness, scalability, reliability, security, compliance, innovation, and agility for IM’s operations.

Relationship with Transputec

“Transputec worked with us to define a solution to for the future, a solution we can scale with all the necessary security and resilience that we need as a continually growing business. The program of works was delivered seamlessly with a team of resources that were great to work with. We were thoroughly impressed by them.”

Matthew Kennedy – Operations Manager
January 2024


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