Database Administration as a Service (DBAaaS) Solutions for Incisive Media

Incisive Media

The Customer

Incisive Media is an award-winning business to business digital media and events business and part of the Arc network. Its goal is to create premium value and unrivalled opportunities for its professional audiences and commercial partners with technology being a key enabler of this success. It is headquartered in London and publishes over 10 websites and delivers more than 150 events annually into the asset management, pensions and sustainability sectors.

My name is Matt Kennedy and I am Head of IT Services.

The Challenge

Our key project was within Database Administration. We had two internal members move away from our organisation and as a result, we were in a very vulnerable position. We needed a robust solution, fast.

We have been working with Transputec since 2010, they have been providing end-to-end support for our infrastructure and user support, so naturally we turned to them when facing this urgent requirement. Fortunately, they could respond quickly to the situation by utilising their Database Administration as a Service (DBAaaS) which enabled an immediate handover of services from the outgoing DBAs and ensured there were no gaps in our day-to-day database administration.

What Transputec Did

Transputec immediately allocated their DBA specialist to begin an assessment of the company’s current database estate. This involved working closely with our outgoing DBAs, gaining access to the databases to fully evaluate all our database servers and databases. They then delivered a detailed report outlining the current estate with recommendations and guidance on good practice.

Impressively, Transputec completed the assessment, handover, and report all within a week and then continued to provide a DBaaS without any disruption to applications, users and importantly, our clients.

The Outcome

Further to submitting a detailed proposal, Incisive Media decided to keep their database management outsourced and awarded Transputec the contract to deliver an ongoing Database Administration as a Service.

They immediately started to implement the performance, security, policy, and best practice recommendations they had outlined in the report. For example, they optimised back-office jobs that were collecting data by analysing the queries and suggesting an improved approach to ensure efficiency.

The Transputec team also provide regular reports so we can understand and manage our databases better and can optimise data insights across the business. In addition, to this, Transputec worked with all our suppliers to provide support and ensure best practice rules and governance policies were followed by all databases that were added to the estate.

Due to the scalability of the service, it’s good to know that we can expand our requirements when needed and that we now have a team of DBA experts at Transputec with up-to-date skills and expertise we can rely on.

Relationship with Transputec

It is imperative for us that we can work with a service provider that we can trust and rely on under all circumstances. The team at Transputec exceeded our expectations and delivered a responsive, high-quality solution and service to our critical processes. The team collaborated openly with our internal staff with clear communications and knowledge sharing. Overall, it’s a great partnership that works.

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