Building an on-demand Beauty Platform for 10outof10

10outof10 case study

The Customer

Launched in July 2023, 10outof10 broke beauty barriers with accessibility. Founder Sarah Lawrence envisioned a platform where anyone could effortlessly book mobile beauticians, making self-care a breeze for busy lives. 10outof10’s core principle was accessibility, this meant ensuring the platform catered to a diverse clientele, regardless of location, budget, or technological proficiency. It would be user-friendly and intuitive, offering a wide range of services to meet individual needs and preferences.

The Challenge

10outof10 initially partnered with a freelance developer to get their platform off the ground. This approach served as a valuable starting point, but it soon became evident that a single developer wouldn’t be enough to fuel Sarah Lawrence’s ambitious vision. The limitations of a freelance setup hindered the platform’s ability to scale and adapt to the demands of a growing user base. The core functionalities needed to efficiently manage both beauticians and clients were missing.

10outof10 recognised the need for a more robust development partnership. Their ideal partner wouldn’t just build a visually appealing platform; they would also prioritise building a solution designed for long-term success. Key priorities included crafting a seamless booking experience that was user-friendly for both beauticians and clients. Security was paramount – implementing robust measures to protect user data and transactions. Finally, scalability was crucial. The platform needed to be built in a way that could adapt and grow alongside 10outof10’s expanding user base. 10outof10 required a partner who could not only design a beautiful platform but one that could withstand the demands of a thriving on-demand service.

What Transputec Did

Understanding the challenges faced by 10outof10, Transputec assembled a dedicated development team with a singular focus: crafting a seamless booking experience that catered to both beauticians and clients. The core solution involved development across multiple platforms. Transputec crafted a responsive web application, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience regardless of the device used as well as an easy-to-use mobile app for both iOS and Android users.

Transputec prioritised building trust by implementing robust payment security measures. This ensured that customer data and transactions were always protected. Recognising the importance of supporting beauticians, Transputec integrated a scheduling system that allowed them to effortlessly manage their availability with automated appointment reminders eliminating the risk of missed appointments for both parties.

Transputec took complete ownership of the platform, handling all design and development work, along with ongoing support and maintenance. By implementing the platform on Microsoft Azure, they ensured not only reliability but also the scalability needed to accommodate 10outof10’s future growth. This comprehensive approach provided 10outof10 with a robust foundation for success.

The Outcome

The collaboration between 10outof10 and Transputec has resulted in a robust and user-friendly platform. The platform is experiencing steady growth in its supplier base, demonstrating the increasing appeal of 10outof10’s unique service.

Both parties understand the importance of continuous improvement. Transputec and 10outof10 have fostered a collaborative environment, working together to constantly refine the platform. This ongoing dialogue ensures the platform remains adaptable, not just to user feedback, but also to evolving market trends. By staying attuned to these dynamics, they can ensure the platform continues to exceed expectations.

Ultimately, this collaborative spirit is the key that unlocks seamless scalability. As 10outof10’s user base expands, the platform can effortlessly adapt and grow alongside it.

Relationship with Transputec

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Transputec Team, they have offered me continual support and guidance throughout my journey of being a start-up business owner. I appreciate all of the hard work they have put in to help turn my vision into a reality. I look forward to scaling my platform with their support.”

Sarah Lawrence, Founder
April 2024

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