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Amber Case Study

The Customer

Amber Infrastructure Group is a specialist international infrastructure investment manager, managing a workforce of approximately 200 employees across 14 countries. The company primarily invests in public infrastructure projects and positions itself as a responsible international infrastructure investment manager, emphasising sustainable and impactful investments. The head office in London is supported by offices in Edinburgh, Munich, Warsaw, Prague, New York, Baltimore, Sydney and Melbourne.

The Challenge

In November 2022, Amber released an open Request for Proposal (RFP) to take over their IT support services as they were seeking a new Managed Service Provider (MSP) to deliver a pro-active and responsive service. Their key drivers were improved communication, to build trust with the new MSP, improve stability of their services and to be able to move the services forward. Additionally, facing challenges to address poor user experience, persistent and unresolved problems, and a significant lack of communication and reporting, Amber sought a more reliable IT partner. They chose Transputec, recognising our commitment to effective solutions and superior service delivery and customer experience.

What Transputec Did

In a project in parallel to the transition, Transputec quickly identified and resolved long-standing replication issues with Amber Infrastructure Group’s Australian offices. Transputec introduced a range of services, including a dedicated remote Service Desk, 24/7 accessibility, Security Operations Centre (SOC) monitoring, end-user support, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). To address Amber’s initial concerns, Transputec implemented a user-friendly self-service portal for real-time issue tracking and resolution progress. Recognising Amber’s interest in enhancing their security profile, Transputec proactively strengthened cybersecurity measures by incorporating a 24/7 SOC and providing comprehensive end-user training. This all-encompassing approach not only bolstered Amber’s defences but also empowered its staff to adeptly navigate potential threats in the constantly evolving digital landscape.

The Outcome

Successfully completing the transition to Transputec’s services by November 2023 marked a pivotal moment for Amber Infrastructure Group. The partnership proved successful, meeting the transition deadline and providing ongoing customer focused support aligned to continual improvement processes, to continually enhance IT services. The partnership approach, has set the scene for future collaboration and transformation of the services and engagement approach and customer satisfaction.

The collaboration with Transputec not only addressed initial issues but also set the stage for a more dynamic and adaptable IT environment. Looking ahead, Amber and Transputec are working together to upgrade document management to SharePoint, ensure consistent security across the global team, and centralise end user compute management. These outcomes reflect a lasting commitment to excellent IT support and services, highlighting how strategic teamwork can effectively meet and exceed the evolving needs of Amber Infrastructure Group.

Relationship with Transputec

“Transputec have a great team of friendly and professional experts who fit in with our culture and desire for continuous improvement in a user-friendly way. The transition activities were well informed, communicated and delivered with the implementation of a sound structure for access to support and ongoing communications at multiple levels. We are confident in our choice of partner and feel that the future will be one where we can focus on our business with a good strong IT backbone and service.”

Fraser Macleod, Head of IT
February 2024

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