Support Services

"Keeping the IT operation up and running to meet the 24x7 needs of the business and its users is a complex challenge for any organisation."

Many organisations today choose an outsourced help desk service to benefit from the collective experiences, depth of skills-pool and scale of operations that an IT Service Provider can deliver.

For example it is an extremely expensive and difficult undertaking for an organisation to create and manage their own 24x7x365 support operation that users can contact from anywhere, anytime, and which also has the capability to monitor and fix problems with its servers, networks and applications as and when they arise... so why not use ours?

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24x7 IT Support Services

Transputec provide a range of IT Operations Support Services, including IT security consulting, delivered on a 24x7x365 basis, to support our customers' complex and varied needs. We have teams based in the UK and the Philippines to provide remote help desk services at cost-effective prices, allowing our customers to focus on their value-add activities rather than being concerned with keeping the lights on.

Running an outsourced help desk service solves multiple problems at once: you leave a considerable work load into the hands of trained professionals, so you can channel resources - that otherwise would have been unavailable - to what is really important. Learn more about the benefits of having us as your help desk partner, by using the button below.

fully managed services

Flexibility and cost reductions

All services are run to ITIL best-practice recommendations and customers receive a fully managed help desk service, with a dedicated Service Manager and monthly Service Reports. Our approach is to construct service offerings that meet the specific needs of our customers… we can provide some or all of your IT Support Services – it is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach. You decide which services that you require from our portfolio and we will work with you to construct the right operating model. Outsourcing your help desk in this way enables you to achieve cost reductions whilst improving the overall service delivery to your end-users.


IT help desk service

Benefit from the collective experiences, depth of skills and scale of operations that an IT Service Provider can deliver. We offer a range of IT Operations Support Services, including security consulting, delivered on a 24x7x365 basis, to support our customers' complex and varied needs. much more.

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Managed Services

Whether it's based on-premises, in the public or a private cloud or some form of hybrid, ensure that your entire IT estate is performing optimally. Following ITIL best-practice, our managed services ensure your systems are working to the best of their ability. We work remotely or on-site with you to keep your entire environment working optimally.

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Cybersecurity as a Service

Eleep soundly knowing that your company systems are being constantly monitored by expert consultants and protected by proactive cyber security software. Cyber security as a Service means you are constantly protected, rather than being a short term one-off solution.

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Technology Products 2

We are a recognised supplier to the public sector, meaning you benefit from our assured expert advice when it comes to purchasing commodity technology goods and services. Transputec is a leading IT reseller of technology and related products and associated support services.much more.

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Compliance and GDPR

In the digital era, we collect more data than ever before to deliver exceptional experiences for customers. Ensuring that data is managed in the most efficient and secure way and in compliance with the law is essential. We help you understand how data security laws apply to your organisation and help you stay safe.

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Consulting and Resourcing

We provide highly qualified consultants to provide you with the knowledge and expertise to get more out of your IT.

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