Medidata: A perfect infrastructure supply and account management partnership

Medidata: A perfect infrastructure supply and account management partnership

The Customer

Medidata Solutions, established in 1999, is a pioneering technology company specialising in Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for clinical trials. With a diverse client base spanning pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices and more, Medidata empowers organisations worldwide to optimise their clinical research processes.

With a workforce of 2,800 employees, Medidata was acquired by Dassault Systèmes, amplifying its capabilities within a global software ecosystem.

The Challenge

Medidata operates within an environment where the reliability and efficiency of IT hardware are paramount. The nature of their work in the healthcare and research sectors demands systems that can handle vast amounts of data securely and efficiently, without compromising on performance or reliability.

Recognising the critical importance of robust and reliable IT support, with operations, spanning across various aspects of clinical research and data analytics, Medidata required a partner capable of addressing all their IT hardware needs under one roof.

The term “proactive one-stop shop” underscored Medidata’s desire for simplicity and efficiency in managing their IT infrastructure. Rather than engaging multiple vendors for different hardware components or services, they sought a single provider who could offer a holistic solution encompassing procurement, deployment, maintenance, and support. Reactive support for resolving issues was crucial, but equally important was proactive support to anticipate and prevent potential disruptions before they impacted operations.

What Transputec Did

For over a decade, Transputec has served as a trusted IT partner to Medidata, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to their distinct requirements. This collaborative relationship has enabled Transputec to streamline Medidata’s IT infrastructure while providing seamless support for their global operations.

Laptop Solutions: Transputec has equipped Medidata’s worldwide teams with high-quality laptop bundles and simultaneously facilitated the ethical disposal of outdated laptops. Additionally, they have optimised the onboarding process for new hires across all departments, ensuring efficient rollout procedures. This includes the swift deployment of IT resources, even for geographically dispersed teams such as those in India. Consequently, Medidata can onboard new talent seamlessly, enhancing productivity and reducing time-to-competency. These solutions guarantee that Medidata’s employees have access to modern and capable technology, fostering efficient and effective work performance.

Maintenance Contracts: Transputec proactively manages maintenance contracts to ensure the ongoing performance and reliability of Medidata’s IT hardware. This preventative approach helps mitigate potential issues and minimise downtime, allowing Medidata to maintain uninterrupted operations.

Flexible Agreements: Transputec offers adaptable short-term agreements for laptop usage, enabling Medidata to scale their IT resources according to fluctuating demand or temporary projects. This agility ensures that Medidata can promptly adapt to evolving business needs without long-term commitments.

Procurement Services: Transputec efficiently manages the procurement process of office accessories, headsets, and smartphones for Medidata. By taking the time to truly understand Medidata’s evolving needs and offering valuable insights this dedication ensures that the procured resources are the perfect fit. Through the robust vendor relationships Transputec ensures that Medidata receives ordered items promptly, empowering Medidata’s team with the right tools at the right time.

Relationship with Transputec

The relationship with Medidata is viewed as more than just a client-vendor interaction; it’s a true partnership. Since the inception of our collaboration in 2010, Medidata has been entrusted to Tej Thandi, one of Transputec’s senior members, as their dedicated account manager. Tej’s unwavering commitment to Medidata’s success, coupled with her round-the-clock availability to address global requirements, has been instrumental in nurturing and strengthening our partnership.

Tej Thandi’s Exceptional Account Management

Tej’s unwavering commitment to Medidata’s success, coupled with her round-the-clock availability to address global requirements, has been instrumental in nurturing and strengthening this partnership. Her deep understanding of Medidata’s unique needs, coupled with her proactive approach, has fostered a high level of trust and communication.

Supported by a proficient sales support team, Tej ensures that Medidata receives the best processes and solutions from leading vendors. Through regular communication and meetings with Medidata’s team, Tej proactively understands their evolving challenges and requirements, enabling Transputec to anticipate issues before they arise and offer bespoke solutions that add value and drive mutual success.

This collaborative approach, rooted in trust and transparency, has fostered a dynamic and resilient partnership between Transputec and Medidata. As we continue our journey together, we remain dedicated to delivering innovative solutions and unparalleled support to propel Medidata towards even greater achievements.


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