From On-Premises to the Cloud: Migrating Services to Azure and Active Directory Forest for IPD

The Customer

InfoproDigital is a global B2B information and services provider with 3,600 employees and over 50 brands covering automobile, manufacturing, retail, finance, and government authorities. Founded in 2001 IPD is committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of its clients.

The Challenge

With over 400 users across three regions, North America, UK, and Hong Kong and 800 end-user devices and 40 servers IPD were looking to transition to a future-proofed cloud-based environment where all their users would have full access to information and functionality with minimal reliability issues.

As a result of a recent company acquisition, IPD also needed to migrate all their users, applications, and devices from a legacy Active Directory Forest to the new parent company Forest for uniformity.

IPD needed to upgrade and replace all their global server infrastructure, both physical and virtual, from aged systems in the UK, US and Hong Kong to a hybrid cloud solution based on Microsoft Azure.

With over a 15-year relationship, InfoproDigital chose Transputec as their trusted supplier.

What Transputec Did

Transputec designed the new platform architecture based on Microsoft Azure and Hyper-V services and conducted a complete refresh and upgrade of all Windows servers and applications on the new platform.

Transputec developed and executed a migration strategy that accommodated staff requirements during a period of COVID-19 restrictions using sophisticated migration toolsets resulting in the minimal disruption to end users, regardless of their location or connectivity.

The Outcome

With Transputec’s innovative solution, InfoproDigital was able to modernise their entire IT system. Transputec upgraded and replaced the servers with a hybrid cloud solution smoothly migrating all users, applications, and devices from the legacy Active Directory forest to the new parent company forest, all at a cost that was competitive.

Relationship with Transputec

From the start, the team impressed us with their customer service and attention to our needs. They kept us informed throughout the project, and were flexible with our preferences. The engineers demonstrated a high level of expertise and we consider Transputec as our reliable and responsive IT partner.

Transputec enabled us to move our services into the Microsoft Azure cloud for UK, Hong Kong and New York operations. This was a project with many challenges but throughout we felt it was managed well and technically delivered well. I feel confident that the benefits to the business with this more resilient platform will serve us well into the future.

Clive Whitford, Head of Infrastructure

May 2023


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