Helping Remediate VMWARE Infrastructure Issues – APCER Life Sciences

The Customer

APCER Life Sciences is dedicated to providing comprehensive and high-quality services that enable pharmaceutical and biotech companies to deliver safe and effective therapies to patients worldwide.

The Challenge

Apcer was facing a critical issue with their VMware infrastructure. The legacy VMware environment was causing severe OS and database errors that led to issues in performance and availability. The production environment hosted on this technology hosted and ran APCER’s important business process, infra service and data APCER consulted Transputec to help them remediate the errors, streamline the management to ensure business runs smoothly.

What Transputec Did

APCER turned to Transputec. Transputec’s team of VMware experts quickly identified the root cause of the issue and worked to resolve it in a timely manner.

The team began by conducting a thorough analysis of APCER’s VMware environment. They identified several legacy components/configuration and design constraints that were causing the issue and provided recommendations for how to remediate, upgrade, and modernise the environment. With their expertise and knowledge of VMware, Transputec’s team was able to quickly resolve the responsible issues and implemented the changes in just a few hours. In addition, they provided training to APCER’s IT team, enabling them to better understand and manage the new VMware environment moving forward.

The Outcome

APCER’s legacy issues were resolved quickly and efficiently. Transputec’ s ability to identify the root cause of the issue and provide a stable solution was critical in minimising downtime and ensuring APCER’s operations runs uninterruptedly.

Relationship with Transputec

Atul Rastogi, the Head of IT at Apcer, was impressed with how Transputec managed the critical situation with ease.

He stated, “The expertise and dedication of Transputec’s VMware team were invaluable. Their quick response and efficient resolution allowed us to resume our operations with minimal disruption. Their knowledge and experience in VMware were evident, and we appreciated their ability to communicate effectively and work collaboratively with our team. Thanks to Transputec, we have a more stable, secure, and efficient VMware environment that better meets our needs. We are happy to have Transputec our go to people for technology support. Strong relationship combined with their expertise and commitment has rendered us success time to time.”

Atul Rastogi – VP & Head of Information Technology
APCER Life Sciences

March 2023


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