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IT Consultancy & Transformation Services

Our prime focus is to optimise business performance for our customers by bringing People, Processes and Systems together to improve effectiveness and efficiency

Collaboration is key

Transputec’s consultants have specialist skills across a variety of domains to help you successfully realise the full potential of your technology. With our award-winning expertise, we work in partnership with you to ensure that your IT operation effectively and securely supports your business goal and continued growth.

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Experts you can trust

Our consultants are all top-tier technology experts who’ve been hands-on delivering solutions on behalf for our global customers for over 30 years. They work with leading specialist vendors, technology stacks and selective partner organisations.

Transputec Consultancy Services

Why Transputec?

Technical Excellence

We've been providing IT solutions and services for over 30 years, across all business sectors. During that time we've acquired a huge amount of knowledge and expertise, we have recently become a global IT security consultant. For us it's very rare to encounter a "new" problem and so we're probably able to resolve your challenge more quickly and cost-efficiently that you figuring it out yourself.

Project & Service Experts

We deliver projects and services for a living, so we’d quickly lose customers and money if we’re not at our best. If you’re experiencing difficulties with your projects or IT operations, we most definitely have the capability and experience to help you.

Strength & Depth Through Partnerships

We recognise that we can't do everything ourselves. Over the years we've developed relationships with specialist organisations and independent consultants who bring to the table a wealth of expertise. This allows us to help you in areas outside of our core such as Business Transformation, Enterprise Architecture, Supply Chain Management and Sourcing.

Tailored Approach

We don't believe in generic solutions or one-size-fits-all methodologies. We will work with you to construct the approach the specifically addresses your challenges.

Cost Effective

Due to our model, we're able to offer consultants at substantially lower day-rates than the large consulting firms, without any compromise in quality. Additionally, by leveraging our collective experience you'll solve problems more cost effectively than by spending many man-hours yourselves trying to figure things out - we'll get it right first time!