Oliver Alleyne

Oliver Alleyne

Oliver Alleyne @ Transputec

September 2015

In his own words,

“I started working at Transputec at the beginning of September 2015. I am 21 years old and it has only been 9 months but the amount I’ve learnt and the progress I have made makes it feel like I’ve worked there for 9 years!

Previous to working at Transputec I worked for 3 months at another IT establishment but I felt like I out grew the company because of the limited exposure offered. This is not the case at Transputec.

I’ve literally worked on or assisted in configuring every type of IT hardware I can think of, this has allowed me to see IT from a broader perspective.

Transputec has also helped develop my interpersonal communication skills. Transputec has given me the chance to meet their clients, to assist them with a wide array of IT activities and services like supporting the help desk or assisting with an office move. By doing these things I am pushed out of my comfort zone which has revealed my talent that I have never known.

I believe Transputec is a world class platform for any young IT Professional who aspires to have an IT career or even starting their own business. The support offered not only by the technical department but also everyone else in other departments is exceptional.

I have only been working in the IT industry for a few years so it is still early days, however in the few IT organizations (International/National) I have worked in, I can honestly say that the guidance, training and the exposure to enhance my career offered by Transputec is incomparable.

As a former apprentice who looked at hundreds of IT companies to start my career with, I feel blessed to have found my career at Transputec. I look forward to my future with the company and hope I reciprocate my gratitude to them who gave me so much.”