Efe Aydin

Efe Aydin

Remote Onboarding in a Pandemic

March 2020

I remember myself accepting Transputec’s offer towards the end of March 2020 when lockdown measures were already taking place. I was thinking, “How would the onboarding process work?”, and “How would I fit into the team without day to day connections in the office?”. At the end of the day I have a client-facing role but there will be no face-to-face first-time meetings… No coffee breaks, no spontaneous jokes, nothing… I was a bit anxious and apprehensive. Boy, was I wrong! The first weeks of April went like a breeze! Despite ‘onboarding from home’, I wasn’t feeling that I was working from home alone, thanks to the People Team (HR) and departmental inductions and training, Transputec’s Academy platform and growth mindset, online collaboration tools and video conference calls, amazingly supportive team mates and “Chill & Spills (more on that later!). On top of that, thanks to the nature of my role as Service Delivery Manager, from the very first weeks, I have been involved in client meetings. Being a part of these meetings not only populates your diary, but also hugely supports your need for human connection during the day!

I reckon the most important quality I have discovered that makes Transputec a great place to work is the professional yet supportive family environment. During this tough pandemic and lockdown era, Transputec has proved itself to be a great collaborative work environment while having so many remote team members around the world which indeed enables it to be prepared for such times.

I feel grateful to work in an international IT and cyber security environment where I have an opportunity to start my day with a “Guten Morgen!” and continue video conferencing with a team member in South Africa, then collaborating with colleagues from Macedonia, Philippines, Spain, Bulgaria and Israel before coming back to the UK!

Chill and Spills on Fridays

I’ve been quite lucky not only because I was hired by Transputec during the lockdown and pandemic, but also because I was invited to an online staff talent show during my first weeks!  Compared to a corporate induction, this was a much more relaxed first encounter with my new team – and even the CEO joined us! These events have been introduced by Transputec’s ‘R&R Team‘ so that we stay connected during these and difficult times. And these online video conference calls don’t stop at talent shows. We also had quizzes, bingo of all sorts, and I had a chance to meet with my colleagues from different departments during these beautifully organised events.

Departmental Support

The most important thing you need in such a period is constant communication and having team members always be there for you when you have questions. I have had a really understanding and experienced line manager as well as supportive and professional team members and I have felt supported at all times with their availability, feedback and positive communication.

People Team (HR) Support

The one thing I really like at Transputec’s People Team (HR) is they check in with you when you need the most support. From day one, during induction, or a check in, following your first day back from an illness. Here, I need to mention one specific event that eased my remote onboarding process. That was an invitation by the People Team (HR) to contribute to a company culture video, which I was quite excited to be a part of due to my filmmaking background! During the process, I got to meet with more people in the company and enjoyed a lot collaborating on a different subject!

Another thing I really appreciate is Transputec’s phased ‘going back to offices policy’. The company didn’t ask us to come back to the office all at once but rather one or two days at the beginning. It especially worked great for me to ease my transition from working from home to office. It also gave me the chance to meet face-to-face with my colleagues (with social distance!) whom I have only met via audio/video conference calls.

Board Level Management

I think another thing that could be intimidating for a new starter is the fact that you don’t have much chance to meet with Board level management. From the interview process to day one and onwards, I have found that Board level management at Transputec is always approachable, available and friendly. They are there to coach and support you and give you sufficient guidance and direction to enable you to find your way.

Turning Disadvantage into Advantage

Even though the pandemic era and remote start to a work has its difficulties, I have also experienced some benefits. For example, I believe I have had more opportunities to have one-to-one video conference calls with people from different departments and with influential people. You also get to know your colleagues and clients better as they also connect from home, it makes the conversation flow more naturally – as sometimes you hear their dog barking or kids come in front of camera! I was also able to turn the disadvantage of lockdown into an advantage by utilising the time I would have been commuting into training and growth. As Transputec puts your professional growth first with ‘Balance Score Cards’ and ‘Academy’ as well as supporting your career in professional certifications such as ITIL and AWS, I have channelled my focus into learning as many things as possible since the first months of lockdown.

Well, looking back to March 2020 now, and laughing, “Why was I worried so much?”. It might be acceptable to be anxious before starting a new job during a lockdown but Transputec has provided a great and supportive family environment yet guided me to continue my professional journey and contribute to the company and to our clients. At the end of the day, you spend all your day in the office (or work from home!), you want to work with sincere and honest people. And that’s what you will find at Transputec.