Why work for Transputec?

We have an entrepreneurial approach to work. We help our customers solve their business issues with clever IT. We create value, by translating complex technology into convenient productised services delivered by skilled and responsive people.

For over 29 years, Transputec has created innovative solutions and products. Innovation happens in every part of the company. You'll have opportunities to do meaningful work as you engage with a culture determined to change the practices of business and society. We believe in flexibility and agility, so joins us and let your imagination run wild and help us transform business with data, help us re-vision enterprise IT for the era of cloud, and help us create new engagement for enterprises

We believe in flexibility and agility. We see this simply as the ability for us to grow our services as quickly and with the speed our clients expect. This is borne out by our strategy to lead with superior Customer Service.

We are entrepreneurial innovators

In today’s marketplace, it’s the innovation from our research teams that sets us apart from the competition. Our talented team of specialists, along with their software skills, have created some industry leading applications. We foster an environment which develops entrepreneurial spirit to help you realise your potential for our mutual success.

We develop our people

All employees undertake continual self-development through a personalised training plan. This involves everyone in the organisation undertaking ongoing training, giving each person the opportunity to learn and develop. It includes external and internal training, education, learning and development to achieve accreditations.

We are international

We have an international presence in London, India and Manila. Our network of partners throughout Europe ensures we can deliver internationally.

We are established leaders

We have been through a lot of changes in the technology industry and our teams have a pretty good grasp of what’s going on and our clients can rest assured they are receiving advice from experienced professionals who know to prioritise workloads and operate smartly and efficiently.

The Academy

The Transputec Academy was launched early in 2015 and leads to self-improvement through training and learning. The Academy is a name encompassing the scheme through which all employees train, develop, mentor and be mentored.

The Academy expands on the induction process and involves everyone in the organisation undertaking ongoing training, giving each person the opportunity to learn and develop. It includes external and internal training, education, learning and development to achieve accreditations.

The Academy also gives employees the chance to share their knowledge with others, as much of the training is done by the internal knowledge experts whom are subject exemplars within Transputec.


“Transputec’s Academy is an excellent training initiative with a unique approach.  Through the creation of activities and initiatives to measure ongoing skills & knowledge retention, the Academy’s formalised training programme enables HDS to integrate its solutions and sales training paths with Transputec’s own methodologies. The Academy activities have strengthened the knowledge of HDS products and solutions within the Transputec sales team which has seen an improved engagement with the HDS sales divisions.

The resulting success is evidence of the partnership approach of our Partner First strategy and enablement model with Transputec”

Steve Bradley
Steve BradleyData Systems Channel Account Manager - Hitachi

Growing "Stars"

Our goal is to encourage and reward learning and to help our "Stars" share their knowledge and create more "Stars".

Training is an investment in our people to be fully conversant in technology, ensuring a company that can deliver tangible benefits for customers.

It assists the culture of the organisation to be a continuously learning organisation, which embraces change enthusiastically for the opportunities it brings.

Training stretches our people to achieve high goals, incentivises and rewards people on performance/achievement as part of each individual’s Training Plan.

The objective is to measure everyone to achieve a common and recognised standard. We believe that training must be complemented by assessment for knowledge capture.

Performance is measured through KPIs and company culture alignment through Rewards and Recognition surveys.

Academy training feeds into a scheme where individual growth and development is monitored and reviewed by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a quarterly basis through Balanced Scorecards review.

Rewards & Recognition Program

The Company's mantra is over-communication and we encourage everyone to take time and share their accomplishments and points of learning with others.

The Rewards & Recognition Scheme (R&R) aims to provide a platform where all staff can critique and compliment their peers and give their comments on a monthly basis. Nominations equal recognition by peers and management and lead to half-yearly non-monetary rewards.

The R&R Scheme is also an opportunity for people to share their own successes and the contributions they’ve made that month and how they have exceeded customer expectations.

The R&R is managed by the employees for the employees. Three elected employee 'Champions' collate the monthly input and give consensus feedback to management to enable recognition for colleagues and for continual improvements in the workplace.

Employee satisfaction is constantly measured and during 2015 over 85% of staff say they are Highly Satisfied or Satisfied with the Company.


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Graduate Recruitment

Transputec offers students an opportunity to have a solid and progressive career. Whether you are a Undergraduate or Graduate you will gain a lot from our programmes.

Gain an inside view of a leading entrepreneurial IT services firm while you’re still at university. We value a chance to connect with some of the brightest minds studying in the UK and meet some of the diverse individuals who may help to shape the future.

The graduate recruitment programme is important and strategic and we will give you every opportunity to define your career. We have customised training programmes set up depending on the area of the business you join. You will be given guidance and support from your line manager and the business. There are a range of trainings available to better understand our business tools and capabilities which will help you build and grow your career.

Our graduate recruitment programme can train and bring you up to speed quicker providing you have a good attitude, determination, are hungry for success, have good communication abilities, interpersonal skills and intelligence and you strive for continuous improvement.

You need to be enthusiastic, technically-oriented and smart to get through the door. The ability to work with people and the confidence to lead others with your decisions is also a pre-requisite. Are you a problem-solver who can align your solutions to have impact on business? If so, we will develop your entrepreneurial spirit for our mutual success.

We can help you realise your potential. You can expect to work on exciting projects and be provided with training for you to excel in your role.

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Graduates' Events

IT Apprentice of the Month

oliver alleyne2

Oliver Alleyne @ Transputec

In his own words,

“I started working at Transputec at the beginning of September 2015. I am 21 years old and it has only been 9 months but the amount I’ve learnt and the progress I have made makes it feel like I’ve worked there for 9 years!

Previous to working at Transputec I worked for 3 months at another IT establishment but I felt like I out grew the company because of the limited exposure offered. This is not the case at Transputec.

I’ve literally worked on or assisted in configuring every type of IT hardware I can think of, this has allowed me to see IT from a broader perspective.

Transputec has also helped develop my interpersonal communication skills. Transputec has given me the chance to meet their clients, to assist them with a wide array of IT activities and services like supporting the help desk or assisting with an office move. By doing these things I am pushed out of my comfort zone which has revealed my talent that I have never known.

I believe Transputec is a world class platform for any young IT Professional who aspires to have an IT career or even starting their own business. The support offered not only by the technical department but also everyone else in other departments is exceptional.

I have only been working in the IT industry for a few years so it is still early days, however in the few IT organizations (International/National) I have worked in, I can honestly say that the guidance, training and the exposure to enhance my career offered by Transputec is incomparable.

As a former apprentice who looked at hundreds of IT companies to start my career with, I feel blessed to have found my career at Transputec. I look forward to my future with the company and hope I reciprocate my gratitude to them who gave me so much.”

Work Experience at Transputec

George Cooke

George Cooke shared his thoughts on completion of his work experience with Transputec:

"I was a school leaver having passed 3 A-levels and just beginning my gap year, looking to bridge the time between finishing school and resitting some A-level in the summer before applying to University.

Transputec offered me work experience for three months during which time I worked with the Sales Support team. I was entitled to the same respect and inclusion as any other employee with Transputec. They really managed to make me feel like an actual member of staff, rather than someone on temporary work experience.

I was repeatedly offered new and challenging opportunities, including with the Chairman Rickie Sehgal and the CEO Sonny Sehgal. They both personally expressed their interest in my progress and well-being.

I also attended trainings under the Transputec Academy, which were delivered by employees of Transputec and vendors. This has equipped me with transferable skills, like dealing with my daily workload, that has taught me to be better organised and prioritise my priorities, both of which will help me going forward onto exams and at university.

The working environment has been very warm and incorporating and the last three months have been greatly beneficial to reforming my character and restoring some much needed determination."

george cook pic
Last three months have been greatly beneficial to reforming my character and restoring some much needed determination.
George Cooke

Raymond De Koninck

My name is Raymond De Koninck, I came here to Transputec to build up my experience in software testing. I learned about the development process and the relevant tools needed.

I learned about what my strengths and weaknesses are. My message for other interns out there is this: you should go for it, because it really shows what it is all about.

Working experience as an intern really shows what it is all about.
Raymond De Koninck

Internship at Transputec

Diana Almasiova

I am an IT student at University in Slovakia. I was looking for an internship to gain work experience during summer 2016. I had an opportunity to work with Transputec in the Development team for 7 weeks.

I was mainly looking to improve my programming skills but this internship has given me so much more – from involvement in major projects to working on web design, web development and testing.

The whole time I felt like I was a full-time member of the team as my ideas were always considered and my opinions were always listened to. Everyone was extremely nice and always willing to help not just my team members but the company as a whole.

This experience will help me greatly in my future studies and career development.

I’ve gained a great amount of expertise that I never thought I could in such a short time.
Diana Almasiova