Mohamed Ifthy Fairoze Ahamed

mohamed ifthy

1. How did you apply for the role?

I applied for the role through the Intern Group who recommended this company as a great way for me to gain experience in the IT and Tech field.

2. Do you feel you are valued and supported in the company?

Yes, I felt supported and valued by my whole team which include my supervisor, other senior colleagues, and other interns. They al helped and provided support when I need help.

3. Can you talk about your experience working for Transputec, and what work you get involved in? What team members you have interacted with and what areas of business?

I got involved in the development and testing departments. I understood and learnt the software development process of Crises Control, did some testing for them, used software tools to build programs to test and assisted other developers and testers.

4. What is one thing that surprised you about Transputec once you joined?

One thing that surprised me was the yes attitude that everyone in my team had. All my team members were determined and hard workers who don’t say that they give up on something. They persevere and try to find solutions to a problem no matter how hard.

5. Can you sum up Transputec in one word?


Mohamed Ifthy Fairoze Ahamed
Inter in Software development and Testing department
Date: 0cotber 2022 to March 2023