VDI: does it really work?

Before we go into the complexities of VDI and its operations, let’s break it down in layman’s terms.

What is a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?

VDI is a type of desktop virtualization in which specific desktop images are given to endpoints via a network. A regular PC or a mobile device can serve as the endpoint.

It’s known as the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI, and it simply refers to the usage of desktop computer virtualization. A virtual desktop is a computer that can be accessed and operated through the internet, which implies that the whole user’s desktop environment, including the operating system, applications, widgets, and so on, is hosted on a server rather than a local PC.

Benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Businesses may increase their agility using VDI since it uses input-output data. IT Administrators can perform installs, updates, or troubleshooting operations without any interaction from end-users, ensuring that their productivity is not disrupted. VDI might be helpful for firms that accept BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

Is VDI the Right Solution for Small Businesses?

Organizations want a technological solution that will increase their productivity. Each has distinct operating requirements; yet, both may benefit from the centralized control that VDI provides. Furthermore, VDI may be the best option if you want to cut administrative and support expenditures.

Does it really work?

The solution is simple; it works in most cases. However, in other cases, VDI is just not an option. Other systems exist that can provide the benefits of centralized administration while still providing the flexibility of “fat” computing. Solutions such as Virtual Computer, which has coined the phrase “Intelligent Desktop Virtualization” (IDV).

Before embarking on any successful VDI or IDV project, it is advisable to do a pilot to see how well it will work for you. There are several excellent possibilities for pilots, and it is worthwhile to consult with your partner or one of our experts to determine the options available for a “try before you buy” in this fascinating sector.

The Importance of ‘Doing It Right’

When making decisions, businesses should constantly consider the larger picture. Although the initial expense of implementing VDI may not appear to be justified, organizations frequently discover that the advantages and long-term savings in time and money, as well as the substantial benefits to productivity, surpass the original investment.

With VDI, virtually any issue can be fixed straight from the company’s data center, allowing for near-seamless upgrades and fixes. However, bear in mind that if there are faults in the server setup, it might cause problems for all users.

As a result, it is critical to guarantee the correct setup. Furthermore, the solution design must provide for future expansion, updates, and functionality.

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