Transputec Survey Shows Businesses Plan to Increase Spend on Digital Skills to Support Remote Working

Transputec Survey Shows Businesses Plan to Increase Spend on Digital Skills to Support Remote Working

As remote working moves further into the mainstream, most businesses expect to spend more in 2021 on digital skills training, IT infrastructure, and cloud-enabled digital collaboration tools.

A new report from Transputec shows more than half of UK businesses (56%) are planning to increase their spending on digital skills training budgets for staff next year, in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Research revealed that 53% of businesses are preparing to boost their IT infrastructure budget and 60% of business decision-makers are also planning to increase the use of digital collaboration tools to help improve staff well-being and create more cohesive teams following disruption caused by the pandemic.

Increasing importance of digital skills

Findings concluded that attitudes to recruitment have altered significantly, with one-third (33%) of business decision makers agreeing that they already have plans to recruit a Chief Digital Officer (or an equivalent IT specialist) to help prepare for a post-Covid economy. Furthermore, 41% revealed that they are seeking to employ new candidates with a high level of digital skills due to the pandemic, and 31% have even admitted to giving their IT team a bonus due to recent efforts in getting the company through Covid-19.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, thousands of companies have overhauled operations in order to adhere to government guidelines, social distancing measures and to maintain employee safety; even now, a return to office on a permanent basis is not an option for a majority of business for the foreseeable future. In fact, 44% of business decision makers revealed that they are planning to downsize office space and accelerate remote working to cut costs.

Specialist IT Services providers can support remote working

Sonny Sehgal, CEO, Transputec, commented: “Covid-19 has already had a devastating impact on UK business, and we’re not out of the woods yet. Fortunately, cutting edge technology has facilitated a mass shift to remote and digital working, and as a result, many businesses have observed benefits of lower overheads and more streamlined and efficient operations through managed services.

“Therefore, we can expect flexible and remote working to stay with us for the long-term, even after it is deemed safe to return to the office on a permanent basis. Therefore, businesses must continue to bolster digital initiatives and prioritise the use of cloud-enabled digital collaboration tools, for example, if they wish to remain buoyant.

“Key to running a leaner and more efficient business is making use of specialist IT services providers, which is a cost-effective and agile method to adapt to this new normal.”

Transputec surveyed 200 senior business decision-makers in large and medium sized companies using the independent polling company Censuswide In September 2020.

Sonny Sehgal
CEO, Transputec

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