Raspberry Pi £25 Computer Finally Ships!

The long awaited Raspberry Pi computer, designed by a group of people working at the Cambridge computer laboratory back in 2008 has finally begun shipping after their problems getting the device shipped due to the lack of CE mark, there are now numerous websites and blog posts coming out with new uses and projects to get started on the device.

Designed to address the gap in education that developed in the early 2000’s with the majority of students applying to Cambridge having little actual programming experience, the device is pitched at schools and education establishments to promote so called “home-brew” programming to develop the next generation of skilled employees required to invigorate the IT industry in the UK.

The raspberry pi model B, currently the only model available is based around a ARM11 700MHz with a Broadcom system on a chip and Broadcom VideoCore graphics processor and 256MiB of memory with a USB port for peripherals and a HDMI for the graphics.

For further information please check out http://www.raspberrypi.org

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