New Managed Security Services by Transputec partner Symantec

The rising of complex and new cyber security issues grabbed the attention of most leading companies involved in managing large volumes of sensitive data from multiple sources, channels and devices.

Nowadays, companies that are dealing with high volume of credit card data are more acquainted with PCI DSS “Payment Card industry Data Security Standard” when it comes to store, transmit data or doing any transactions through it. This requires the security controls to keep credit card data safe and secure during transactions, processing, and storage. PCI DSS urge the need of building and preserving a secure network which will protect any credit card details and apply strong security measures.

Symantec, which has a long-standing partnership with Transputec, announced that Managed Security Services (MSS) is now a PCI DSS-certified service provider recently. It is an essential certification for any organisation using the service even though MSS is not a service to process payments. Still any organisation certified by PCI DSS will be able to use it in their auditing processes. Many other organisations/corporates will see the PCI DSS certification advantageous as it allows an organisation to sustain and ensure reliable security.

As Symantec is known as one of the leading providers of managed security services and has committed to information security at each stage, they have achieved a rigorous audit and certification system requested by the PCI DSS 2.0 standard.

Source: Symantec

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