How to run IE6 applications in the latest version of Internet Explorer

There is a big problem these days with legacy apps developed to run on IE6, the question that arises is, How to run IE6 applications in the latest version of Internet Explorer? Some apps (all written in web code) simply don’t operate well in Microsoft’s latest browser. Just try for example opening Youtube in IE6, the experience is far from perfect when compared to the same site when run in IE8 or IE9.

So many project manager’s often discuss potential projects with clients to better improve their IT services, be it, desktop rollouts or infrastructure refreshes. When they delve deeper into the requirements for any particular customer a common problem arises; and what you may ask is the problem?

The common problem stems from legacy web applications that have been developed to work in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (IE6). However when a client wishes to upgrade to new technology they are often hamstrung by this dependency and therefore are unable to take advantage of the fantastic technological advancements.

Traditionally there were two potential solutions to this problem, each with their own implications:

  • Re-develop all the web application to work in newer versions of Internet Explorer – This is extremely costly method.
  • Deployment of a Terminal Services solution that will allow you to co-exist both newer versions of IE and the legacy applications on IE6 – This method is both costly in infrastructure overhead and can give your users a frustrating end user experience.

I have been introduced to a 3rd solution which will change the game when it comes to legacy web applications on newer IE platforms. That solution is… Browsium.

This solution is exciting because it allows organisations to upgrade their technology to the new platforms whilst allowing their legacy Web applications to be used in Internet Explorer 8 or 9. It’s a game changer and it really does work. To find out how this works please contact Transputec on (+44) 208 584 1400 and speak to James Day.

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