Gartner: Apple “as accepted by enterprise IT as Microsoft” by 2014

Windows Desktop upgrades have been “bread and butter” projects for us for so long now that they’ve almost become a bit of a banker when putting together our forecasts.

We know which customers are on which OS versions and what their upgrade cycle has historically been – so we’ve been able to plan well in advance.

BYOD is changing the game already, forcing business to think not just about their next upgrade but also about where that leaves them as BYOD becomes a major requirement.

There is pressure on businesses that are running XP right now to upgrade – Microsoft withdraws support for XP in April this year. 

Historically the withdrawal of support hasn’t always meant that everyone upgrades to the latest versions. This time is no different. It’s partly due to the economic climate and partly due to indecision due to the choice of options available.

There have always been choices, but in the past the option of moving away from a corporate desktop environment based on Microsoft technologies was a bit like the idea of buying an electric car today – it’s a really nice idea and it will work in some places, but for most people it’s just not practical.

Today there are many realistic and practical options.

BYOD is maturing and there are a multitude of services to help manage the mobile security and unauthorised device concerns.

VDI now really does work…it’s not just a concept that only works well if you’ve got a dedicated high-speed broadband connection into your thin-client.  You can run Virtual Desktops on any device now, over the wireless or 4G networks – it’s become a key enabler of many BYOD strategies.

Many think that desktop Macs will be the big competitor in the next couple of years for the corporate desktop solution – as their desktop platform takes on more iOS characteristics, services between iPhones, iPads and desktop Macs will become interchangeable.

Gartner: Apple “as accepted by enterprise IT as Microsoft” by 2014 – AppsTech

Macworld UKGartner: Apple “as accepted by enterprise IT as Microsoft” by 2014AppsTech“Going forward, Apple will continue to benefit from consumerisation and will continue to evolve Macs to take on more iOS characteristics, which will contribute to ac …

Whichever route you want to go down, Transputec are well positioned to help. Having been around for over 25 years, we’ve pretty much seen it all!

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