Fusion-io steps into the graphics workstation market

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Fusion-io have announced yesterday their latest product, bringing their proven ioMemory technology to the visual effects professionals with the launch of the Fusio ioFX product designed to alleviate the bottlenecks between processor, storage and application, these new cards are based around their trusted ioMemory platform using the 420GB memory via the PCI Express bus.

The ioFX card is designed to accelerate manipulation of digital content in real time, the removal of the IO bottlenecks can accelerate rendering and playback, transcoding and encoding as well as any other data intensive operations, included with every cards is Fusion ioSphere management system which will allow IT managers to monitor and manage all Fusion-io Memory products from one interface.

This product is a great innovation in the workstation market and will improve performance productivity not only of the creative team but of the IT department as they have improved tools to manage the devices and improved end user experience due to the sub-millisecond sustained access latency provided by ioFX.

These devices will be available from late spring 2012, please contact us if you are interested in this or any Fusion-io products.

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