Five best practices of a high performing IT Service Desk

Five best practices of a high performing IT Service Desk

The IT Service Desk is under more pressure than ever. Staff expect immaculate performance as they work, transact business, purchase online and explore new services via their smart phones and other BYOD. When technical issues arise, minutes matter and solutions are needed on the spot. In this complex environment, good vendors have evolved into full strategic partners.

Here are the five top indicators of a strong IT Service Desk:

  1. Processes and Best Practices: Are your Service Desk processes well-defined and documented? Ideally, procedures should be based on the ITIL best practices framework.
  2. Technology optimisation: Is there a knowledge based solution to common problems? Your Service Desk should have self-service tools in place for end users to allow for password resets, entry of incidents, or searches.
  3. Organisational integration: The Service Desk should be viewed a valued contributor to your organisation’s success. Your agents should be included in discussions regarding strategic IT initiatives and given sufficient notice of new support systems.
  4. Staff development: A strong Service Desk should have a career path in place for its agents that enables them to progress within the organisation. Each agent should be required to earn professional or technical certifications.
  5. Information management: How well does your Service Desk use metrics for customer satisfaction, call reduction, root cause and self-improvement? Is client and stakeholder feedback gathered and used to fuel continuous service improvement efforts?

At Transputec, we have a well-developed system for tracking inbound and outbound ticket processes, escalation procedures, and ticket resolution. All of these procedures are based on the ITIL best practices framework. This means that incident lifecycle management, from opening and monitoring progress, resolution, and client feedback are performed in a formal and consistent manner.

We employ 150 people in offices around the world, including a service-centre in Manila, technical experts around Europe and developer teams around Asia. Our professionally qualified agents are always on 24/7/365 providing cover during non-peak hours and across different time zones.

Employee numbers at Transputec rose by 14% last year, including new team members in both the UK and the Philippines. All our staff, including our Service desk agents are super stars who can win new business and keep clients delighted with the quality of service that we provide. That’s why they are kept in the loop with not only our organisation’s activities, but are also trained to adapt to the culture and organisation of the client.

All of our staff undergo regular and rigorous professional training through the Transputec Academy and take advantage of our company reward and recognition scheme. Employee satisfaction is a key indicator of our success and we constantly measure it along with our other KPIs with the objective of 85% or more of staff telling us that they are satisfied or highly satisfied with the company.

We also conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys, to ensure that we are meeting high standards of service. The 2016/17 survey results for all Transputec customers were:

  • 95% extremely satisfied with the technical resolution provided
  • 92% extremely satisfied with the time taken to resolve the issue

Transputec can offer flexible tailored packages. You can make the most of your budget by paying for support only when you need it and not when you don’t. We have a track record of high response rates that meet your KPIs and outstanding incident resolution expertise.

Contact us and we would be delighted to walk you through other aspects of our service and how we can tailor it to the needs of your business.

Shalen Sehgal
Services Director

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