Corporate Sustainability: Making a difference to our environment

Corporate Sustainability: Making a difference to our environment

“Sustainability is increasingly becoming a necessity for corporations due to changing perspectives around the world.” – Forbes

Corporate sustainability is more than just protecting the environment, it is about investing in the long-term well-being of our planet socially, economically and environmentally whilst being able to deliver a better service for our customers.

Corporate sustainability is about taking action to reduce pollution and offset climate change, and here at Transputec, we believe that it is especially important for the IT industry to take steps towards sustainability because of the high levels of energy consumption we produce on a daily basis.

Being a part of the IT Industry, we are able to see first hand how much electricity we use on a regular basis, as each and every one of  our digital services consume significant  energy. It is this rate of energy consumption that made me realise that we need to sit up and take notice, and think of ways to reduce our impact on the environment. From there, the Transputec Corporate Sustainability initiative was born.

Working towards a greener world: Our sustainability goals

Way back in 2015 we began to look at how we can reduce our carbon footprint. Between then and now we have made significant progress in reducing waste from our head office in London, but in 2022, our goal as a company is to further reduce our carbon footprint.

We have committed ourselves to achieving net zero carbon emissions, and began this initiative by taking Corporate Membership with the Woodland Trust. During this year we hope to contribute by joining the Woodland Trust at several tree planting events. Every tree we plant is a step towards achieving our goal.

Like any business, we work with a network of suppliers, vendors, and partners to provide our services. We also believe that we are only as good as our network, and if we are serious about sustainability, we should expect our partners to be serious about it too. As a result we will start to take steps towards building a greener supply chain.

We also believe that sustainability must come from within our organisation. As a result, we will be incorporating corporate sustainability training into our annual Academy training for employees.

Creating corporate sustainability: our achievements so far

We take our responsibility to promote sustainability from within seriously. Since 2015 we have tried to do our part and set a standard for the IT industry as a whole. We have gained ISO 14001 environmental management certification, stating our commitment to minimising the environmental impact of our business operations, and providing a framework for our overall corporate sustainability programme. 

Some of the corporate sustainability initiatives we have instigated include:

  • Leveraging virtual servers to reduce the number of servers in use from 120 to 30
  • Relocating our data centre facilities to Iceland, reducing our energy consumption by 30%
  • Investing in more energy efficient computers and appliances across the company
  • Setting computers to hibernate when not in use
  • Optimising lighting and heating systems in the office
  • We designated energy officers in the office who are responsible for turning off unused lights during and at the end of the day.
  • Switching to more sustainable electric vehicles for both employees and across our fleet
  • Encouraging employees to cycle and walk to the office

This year we will take steps to further promote a green culture across the organisation. Learn more about our corporate sustainability programme, and follow our progress here.

Rickie Sehgal Chairman, Transputec Ltd.


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