Transputec: A Leading Force Among the Top 5 App Testing Services for Software Development in 2023

Founded in 1987, Transputec Ltd is one of London's award-winning UK IT services companies specializing in IT management, software development and cybersecurity.


Founded in 1987, Transputec Ltd is London’s award-winning UK App testing services company specializing in IT management, software development and cybersecurity. They aim to provide strategic and long-term solutions to improve and transform their clients’ performance, operations, and digital presence.

Transputec caters to businesses of all scales, from SMEs to established enterprises. With their industry expertise and the latest technologies, they elevate their clients’ businesses to new heights. Clients can leverage Transputec’s application testing services to ensure the precision and accuracy of their IT solutions, setting them up for success.

The strength of Transputec lies in its profound understanding of software issues, making it one of the best application testing service providers. Transputec has launched successful commercial SaaS applications in the public domain and has developed hundreds of software applications in its over 30 years of delivering professional solutions to clients worldwide.

Transputec’s approach is comprehensive in its scope. It includes traditional functional and regression testing to cutting-edge techniques that cover the usability, cyber security, and overall design and execution of the software application. The IT service provider can thoroughly assess the capabilities of a software application to tailor the solution to its specific needs.

Transputec’s software testing service uses advanced techniques to enhance the quality and reliability of your software products. With a tailored testing strategy and impartial evaluations, we ensure no potential defects are left unnoticed.

The IT support company has developed testing tools, which complement commercially available solutions, to automate testing efficiently. Transputec delivers meticulous and personalized testing solutions that safeguard application’s performance and reputation whether you’re a start-up or an established company.

Recognizing that client success depends on the quality of service provided, Transputec is deeply committed to delivering exceptional customer service. They consider each client’s unique needs, providing comprehensive support throughout the project.

Managed App Testing Services

Transputec offers the following application testing services:

Legacy Application Management

Day by day, advancements in technology are made while legacy applications remain out of date. They risk becoming obsolete due to the lack of updates, maintenance, or developer support. As a well-rounded UK App testing services company, Transputec understands the predicament organizations face in managing legacy applications, especially long-standing ones.

Transputec can step in to maintain and optimize these critical applications through its team of expert engineers and developers. They are well-versed in a variety of programming languages, especially the ones used to develop earlier web applications such as Java, .NET, C++, and PHP.  Transputec can also perform other web application testing to ensure these legacy applications function efficiently and securely, like code reviews, bug fixing, and performance improvements.

In the unfortunate scenario that the legacy system is slowing down, Transputec can also assist in order to re-platform, re-host, or integrate it with modern systems to revamp the applications. Meanwhile, as a Cloud Service provider, Transputec can transfer the company’s database to the latest technologies without disrupting current operations if a complete migration is required.

Mobile App Development

With over three decades of software development practice, Transputec is fully capable of creating customized and feature-rich mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms. An App testing services company has experts proficient in mobile application languages to develop and deliver innovative, scalable, and efficient apps suitable for mobile devices.

Along with their industry expertise, Transputec also leverages cutting-edge technologies to meet unique business needs and to drive seamless user experience across mobile platforms. The company can guarantee that app testing services not only align with the industry’s best practices but also meet the organization’s unique needs.

Application Modernization

Besides upgrading legacy systems, Transputec can improve web applications through modernization. This service covers integrations, hosting and multi-tenancy, migration, re-architecture, re-engineering, re-planning, and application portfolio assessment.

In return, these app testing services are not only updated but also transformed completely, made adaptable in the ever-changing digital landscape. This kind of application testing service equips organizations for the future to prevent slow performance of the overall system, which affects the organization’s operations. Moreover, application modernization allows an organization to scale as users increase, sustaining the system as the organization continues to thrive.

It’s important to maintain and support an organization’s programs through various app testing services. Regardless if they’re part of legacy systems or developed from the latest technologies, these services of Transputec can protect the network from crashing and prevent any disruptions, like security threats and other cyber attacks. Similarly, they can also improve and streamline operations to boost ROI.

For those interested yet hesitant to fully commit, Transputec offers a trial of its application testing services. The London-based company considers this a learning opportunity to know more about the project’s scope to determine the best approach. After all, it’s best to get ahead before issues arise, enabling organizations to save time and resources, saving them from reputational damage and costly fixes.

For over 35 years, Transputec has a proven track record of successfully delivering application testing services. The London-based company has pioneered the IT industry, offering comprehensive cloud, managed services, software development, and other IT solutions. Businesses can leverage the company’s credibility and expertise to address all their technological needs.

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