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Is 2018 the year when the machines start to take over?

Every year I say that making predictions is a hazardous business, and I then proceed to put my neck on the line again with a couple more. So, buoyed by a couple of successes this year, here I go again!

2017 predictions

Disruption of banking industry and blockchain – Definitely came to pass

Widespread adoption of voice control technology – Mostly came to pass

Explosion of AI applications – Mostly came to pass

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Elon Musk, Tesla and the case for the AI chip

Another day, another futuristic brainwave from Elon Musk. It’s not easy keeping up with the whirlwind industrialist’s ventures, but if you’re a Tesla enthusiast, like me, you are probably following the projects of the iconic electric car maker’s CEO closely.

Morrisons decision opens way for data breach compensation claims

A recent court decision, involving the UK’s first ever data breach class action, has significant data protection implications for every business in the country that holds personal data on employees, customers or suppliers. The decision opens the way for victims of data breaches to sue those who hold the data, even if it has been leaked criminally by an employee.

Five best practices of a high-performing IT Service Desk

The IT Service Desk is under more pressure than ever. Staff expect immaculate performance as they work, transact business, purchase online and explore new services via their smart phones and other BYOD. When technical issues arise, minutes matter and solutions are needed on the spot. In this complex environment, good vendors have evolved into full strategic partners.

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How not to lose your job in information security

News has just broken about another high-profile data breach and another Chief Security Officer losing his job as a result. Following on from the firing of the CIO and CSO of Equifax in September, the CSO of Uber, Joe Sullivan, has now been let go after the company was forced to admit to a significant data breach in October 2016.

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Build your career and achieve your potential with Transputec

Transputec joined the ranks of premium recruiters at the Imperial College Technology Fair last week. This annual crowd-puller gave us the opportunity to meet future stars of the tech scene – some of whom we hope to welcome to Transputec very soon.

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