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More hat tricks than Harry Kane!

Transputec is starting to rival the scoring record of our local football hero, Tottenham striker Harry Kane, with another hat trick of award nominations. This time in the prestigious PCR Awards 2018.

I am delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for three awards, for:

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A perfect storm for cyber security vendors in 2018?

As we head into 2018, a trio of issues is coming together to produce a perfect storm of cyber security concerns that promises a boom for spending on cyber security vendors and managed service providers.

Government IT contracts: Levelling the playing field for SME suppliers

As one of the Government’s preferred IT suppliers, having secured a place on the new Technology Services 2 (TS2) Framework, Transputec is delighted to learn that the UK Government is about to launch a consultation on new measures to employ more SMEs. These include using transparency to encourage large businesses to employ more SMEs in the supply chain and improving visibility of opportunities available to companies like Transputec.

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Transputec Academy stairsTransputec has provided a range of technology to a remote village in India to boost the tech capabilities of the children living in the rural outpost.

The village is in West Bengal and products including laptops, tablets, PCs and software applications have been given to children who have no access to a village school.

Security flaw in Intel chips could slow machines by up to 30%

The first big tech news story of 2018 is a tale that has apparently been ten years in the making. The news just now emerging is that a flaw built into Intel chips, which are vital to almost all PCs and laptops, as well as other technology, makes them vulnerable to the computer’s kernel being hacked.

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The top five futuristic hotels for tech-savvy business travellers

Gone are the days when an HD TV and a whirlpool bath were enough for the discerning business traveller. Like every other sector, the hospitality industry is being propelled by Artificial Intelligence and the power of the Internet of Things. This means that interacting with a team of hotel staff that are all robots or booking into a ‘Space Suite’ may well become the new normal for hotel guests. So, hold off planning your travel schedule for 2018 before checking out some of the most tech-savvy business hospitality around the world…

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