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How to avoid getting hacked off at the World Cup

The FIFA World Cup kicks off in the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow in a few days time. It will be the biggest sporting event in the world this year, with more than 1.6 million tickets already sold. Fans will be travelling from 32 different countries to the tournament. This would make them a very tempting target for cyber criminals.

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Is the public sector’s cloud journey still up in the air?

The UK public sector’s ‘Cloud First’ policy was first announced back in 2013 but 15 years on, less than one in 10 local authorities are using cloud services to access and manage residents’ data. On-premise infrastructure is still relied on heavily by some 80% of councils.

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Is it time to find a new IT services provider?

Are you considering outsourcing or co-sourcing your internally provided services? Or, are you approaching end of your contract with your current provider and reviewing how much value they deliver back to your business? If you feel you have outgrown your Managed Services Provider or your internal team can no longer meet your business challenges and you are still not certain whether you need to switch to a new one, here are some key points to consider:

Cyber criminals are copying the business models of Uber and Amazon

New academic research into the cyber crime economy has revealed that cyber gangs are now starting to copy the platform capitalism models of successful businesses like Uber and Amazon. Just like these legitimate companies, cyber criminals use data as the principal commodity they trade in, acquiring data about individuals and then selling it on to other criminal gangs for use in identity theft based fraud.

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Great customer service skills are born, not made

At the heart of everything we do here at Transputec is our commitment to putting our customers first and having a yes attitude. Our aspiration is that every one of our people, from executive management down to our interns, reflect these core values. Key to achieving this ambition is to recruit the right people in the first place.

HITEC’s first European conference scores a big hit with Transputec

It’s already Wednesday but Transputec and ThreatSpike Labs are still thinking back to a rewarding couple of days at last week’s HITEC (hospitality and technology) conference in Amsterdam.

It was the first ever HITEC event in Europe and also the first time that Transputec and ThreatSpike Labs have exhibited at any HITEC conference. I think I can safely say that both these firsts were a resounding success!