SDWAN Installation for Grand City Properties

SDWAN Installation

The Customer

Grand City Properties is a leading specialist in residential real estate with its portfolio focused on properties in the metropolitan areas of Hamburg and London. The company has annual net rent of over 400 million with over 63.000 properties.

The Challenge

Grand City Properties (GCP) faced a significant challenge in deploying their Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SDWAN) across their 70 offices in Germany. The offices were of different sizes and with differing network arrangements, prompting a requirement for deployment of a new groupwide consistent product and network environment.

GCP wanted to ensure smooth connectivity and efficient management. To achieve this, they sought Transputec’s (and that of our network of partners in Germany) help and expertise to implement SDWAN in a way that would improve network performance and streamline operations.

What Transputec Did

Transputec coordinated a team of technicians to visit each site. After careful consideration, the chosen solution involved installing Meraki devices by replacing aged equipment to improve network connectivity and ensure efficient operations. The deployment of Meraki devices proved instrumental in achieving GCP’s goals.

The technicians worked alongside GCP’s IT team to ensure the equipment was installed and configured correctly. Transputec maintained constant communication with GCP’s IT team to address any issues that arose promptly. This collaborative approach allowed for effective troubleshooting and ensured timely resolution of any technical challenges that came up during the deployment.

Transputec conducted thorough checks to ensure that all local devices were set up and fully operational in every GCP office. They carried out rigorous testing to confirm that the newly implemented SDWAN solution seamlessly integrated with the existing network infrastructure and that all network devices were configured correctly.

Upon completion of the testing phase, Transputec obtained a sign-off from GCP’s Head Office, indicating their satisfaction with the deployment.

The Outcome

The implementation of Meraki SDWAN by Transputec yielded significant outcomes for Grand City Properties (GCP). The deployment resulted in improved connectivity, enabling faster and more reliable communication between their offices. The centralised management capabilities offered by Meraki allowed GCP’s IT team to efficiently monitor and control the network infrastructure from a single interface, simplifying network administration and troubleshooting processes.

Relationship with Transputec

Transputec team was very responsive to all our requirements, with technical resources attending site to install equipment and efficient co-ordination of activities. Project was a success.

Anika Beber – Team leader IT Administration & Licensing
December 2023


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