Service Desk Transformation for the Diocesan Consortium

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The Customer

The Diocesan IT Consortium brings together the Church of England dioceses of Guildford, Winchester, and Portsmouth, collaborating to procure shared IT services and connectivity. Their region spans across Surrey, Hampshire, London, Sussex, and Dorset, encompassing more than 600 parishes, 800 church buildings, and 220 church schools. The Consortium’s IT services support around 270 staff members, including senior clergy and volunteers.

The Challenge

The Consortium faced the challenge of finding an IT service provider capable of meeting their specific requirements. They needed a Service Desk transformation that was equipped with multiple communication channels to facilitate seamless interaction with users, as well as a proactive approach to tackle common issues. Additionally, they sought a partner capable of effectively reducing the number of incident tickets and maximizing employee efficiency.

What Transputec Did

Transputec swiftly recognised the pivotal role of the IT Service Desk transformation by supporting the Consortium’s employees and implemented a robust support system. By becoming the frontline support, the Service Desk promptly addressed hardware, software, application, and network connectivity issues. They efficiently managed incidents by categorising, prioritising, and assigning them according to the ITIL Framework.

To enhance user experience and minimise incident tickets, Transputec implemented effective strategies that yielded meaningful results. They took proactive measures to address recurring issues faced by end users, employing a range of service improvements. These initiatives included software and infrastructure upgrades, as well as empowering users through comprehensive education programs, enabling them to independently resolve minor issues.

To streamline the ticket logging process and provide valuable self-help resources, Transputec introduced an innovative online service desk portal. This portal offered users a convenient platform to log tickets while also granting them access to a comprehensive FAQ section, designed specifically for troubleshooting common issues.

As users grew more confident in their ability to address issues independently, the number of incident tickets reduced by an impressive 50% between June 2022 and July 2023.

The Consortium’s end users consistently expressed their high satisfaction with the service. This was evident through positive feedback, customer satisfaction surveys, and an impressive Net Promoter Score of 82. Since the Service Desk’s establishment, the Net Promoter Score has remained consistently high, indicating a strong level of customer approval.

The Outcome

Transputec’s partnership with the Diocesan IT Consortium has delivered significant benefits. The optimised incident management and swift issue resolution by the Service Desk have boosted employee productivity and minimized disruptions. Service improvements and user empowerment programs have reduced incident tickets, resulting in streamlined workflows and increased efficiency. The introduction of the online service desk portal has further enhanced the user experience with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive self-help resources.

Relationship with Transputec

Through their partnership with Transputec, the Diocesan IT Consortium achieved their objectives of establishing a reliable 24/7 Service Desk with multi-channel communication capabilities.

Transputec’s expertise in incident management, service enhancements, and user education has significantly improved productivity and user satisfaction. Transputec continues to deliver exceptional IT services, driving efficiency and innovation for the Diocesan IT Consortium.

Vinay Chavda – Regional IT Manager
November 2023


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