IT Infrastructure Move in New York – APCER Life Sciences

The Customer

APCER Life Sciences is dedicated to providing comprehensive and high-quality services that enable pharmaceutical and biotech companies to deliver safe and effective therapies to patients worldwide.

The Challenge

The office move involved relocating all of APCER’s IT environment from one location in New Jersey to another office. This included moving and setting up and configuration   infrastructure including networking equipment, servers, Wi-Fi, AV systems, data centre wiring, rack cooling and monitoring, and setting a new access control system. Time was of critical essence to complete the operations with technology teams working remotely, onsite coordination with hands and feet support was available and the arrangement (onsite and remote collaboration tools) was effective and happening in real time.

What Transputec Did

Transputec worked closely with APCER to create a comprehensive plan that would minimise downtime and ensure a smooth transition deploying teams globally to ensure a smooth relocation, infrastructure setup and services configurations. They began by conducting a thorough assessment of Apcer’s existing infrastructure to identify any potential issues and determine the best course of action.

Once the plan was in place, Transputec began the process of physically moving Apcer’s technology equipment. Working closely with logistics company, the team diligently worked to the task-level plan to carefully transport infrastructure. Existing configurations and inter/intra connections were understood and noted Once the equipment’s were relocated, Transputec started with setting up the new office.

Transputec set up firewalls, Wi-fi systems, Security in Firewall, Wi-Fi connections and VPN connections to ensure that all APCER’s employees could securely access the company’s network from anywhere. They also worked closely with APCER’s global IT teams to ensure that all systems were integrated and working seamlessly

A key challenge of the move was ensuring that all Apcer’s systems were up and running in the new office as quickly as possible. Transputec’s team of experts worked tirelessly with APCER Technology team to setup, configure and test the new networking, Wi-Fi, Access Control and AV systems.

Transputec also set up Apcer’s data centre, carefully configuring the servers and networking equipment to ensure maximum uptime and minimal disruption.

The Outcome

Through careful planning, expert execution, and strong collaboration with APCER’s global IT teams, Transputec were able to ensure a seamless transition and minimise any disruption to APCER’s operations. The company was able to resume its operations without any unknown disruption.

Relationship with Transputec

Atul Rastogi, was impressed with Transputec’s handling of the office move. He commented,

“Transputec’s expertise and professionalism were instrumental in ensuring that our move was a success. They were able to quickly and efficiently move our technology infrastructure, minimising downtime and disruption to our business. Their team worked tirelessly to ensure that all systems were up and running as quickly as possible, and we are very pleased for their help. It is a rare sight for leaders realising the need of the hour and making them available to lead and motivate the team.”

“Transputec’s team of experts were able to quickly identify and resolve any issues that arose ensuring that Apcer’s operations were not significantly impacted. Their ability to work collaboratively and think ‘out of the box’ in overcoming unplanned hurdles with Apcer’s IT teams and other stakeholders were a key factor in the success of the move. Transputec always took a positive and proactive approach to solving the issues at hand.”

Atul Rastogi – VP & Head of Information Technology
APCER Life Sciences

March 2023


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