Why You Need A Bespoke Mobile App

Why you need a bespoke mobile app

Advances in technology have changed how customers relate to businesses. As mobile phones get more powerful, people of all ages, but especially younger customers are more and more used to doing everything on their phones, and the availability and quality of a bespoke mobile app may well form part of their decision to engage with a business. 

In 2022, there are almost 6.5 billion smartphone subscriptions worldwide. Global mobile app consumer spending reached $170 billion in 2021, up from $143 billion in 2020. And people spend up to 4.8 hours a day on mobile apps. As a result, no business can really afford to ignore the option of a mobile app to reach their customers.

However, before jumping in, consider whether an off-the-shelf application or a bespoke mobile app will serve your business better.

Why invest in a custom mobile app?

As mentioned above, consumers carry out more of their day to day business through their mobile phones than ever before. Applications provide businesses with additional ways to target, engage, support, and retain customers. Ultimately, they will provide a competitive advantage over any businesses that don’t have one.

Not convinced yet? Here are some more reasons to consider a mobile app.

Applications are mobile first

Custom mobile applications are designed for mobile first. This means that they are properly formatted to mobile-sized screens, but that they are also developed from the ground up to fully utilise the power and flexibility of mobile phones. Custom mobile apps are quicker to load than a website on a mobile browser.

Enhanced customer service

Custom built mobile applications offer rich customer experiences. They allow businesses to personalise the application to individual customer needs, they provide quick and easy ways for customers to interact with the business. Mobile apps enable users to book meetings and appointments, order products, buy tickets, contact a business and more. And the evidence suggests that users prefer interacting with businesses in this way.

Improve customer targeting

Custom mobile apps support additional ways to market to customers. Mobile apps contain a variety of marketing materials, and use push notifications to bring them to users’ attention.

Bespoke mobile apps vs off-the-shelf apps

Flexibility to configure to your needs: 

Off-the-shelf applications are usually ‘one-size fits all’. This means that the company will either need to contort their business to fit with what the product offers, or adapt the application, which will cost time and money. Bespoke application development allows an organisation to specify the features they need in the application and integrate them from the start.

Integrate the bespoke mobile app with all your systems:

In today’s world, organisations use a large number of systems and applications that need to work together. However not all off-the-shelf applications will work with all systems. If the applications don’t integrate with existing systems, they will be of limited value, and could even harm workflows and customer service.

Define and integrate security needs:

If an organisation operates in a particularly vulnerable industry, commercially available software may not have sufficient security features, or may not be developed with the protections required by regulators. A bespoke mobile app will be developed to adhere to compliance and security requirements as set out by the customer.

Less exposure to cyber attack:

Many recent cyber attacks such as the SolarWinds attack or Kaseya ransomware attack used a commercially available product in order to launch an attack on their customers. In addition, Microsoft products are some of the most attacked products in the world. A custom developed mobile application that is developed securely will be of limited value to attackers, and will therefore be less likely to be attacked.

Designed with you in mind:

Brand and brand image are super important to most businesses. However, off-the-shelf applications may not have the flexibility to change language, colours, designs and more to fit the company’s brand. On the other hand, a bespoke mobile app will be developed from start to finish to fit the organisation’s brand identity.

Value for money:

Off-the-shelf applications usually have a set up-front cost and an on-going licence cost. In addition, any customisations and integrations will cost more. A bespoke mobile app that is developed for an organisation may cost more up-front, but the organisation will own the application, and be able to manage and distribute it as required.

Bespoke mobile apps built for your business

At Transputec, our development teams have produced countless bespoke desktop and mobile applications for a wide range of customers. Our flexible, reliable, cost-efficient solutions are designed to help our customers transform their business.

Contact us now to learn how we will work with you to create a bespoke mobile app for your business.

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