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We are a great team of Mobile App Developers, UX designers, Software Architects, Testers and Project Managers from London with Over 30 years of experience in building custom Apps on all OS platforms. We are experts at developing B2B Apps with workflows and integrated back-end systems for android, windows or iOS platforms.

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Mobile apps are the new must-haves when it comes to businesses in today’s digital world. We can develop your ideas into fully functional Applications, mobile Apps for iPhone, Android or even modernise a legacy software to work on smartphones. With over 30 years of experience, we have built upon and improved the Agile processes and automated testing technologies for superior speed of development. We work with you to develop the product idea, design the user interface, write the code, build the app, and test it end-to-end. Transputec will deliver a beautifully simple to use, hack resistant, feature-rich application that meets your exact business needs.

Advantages of having a Mobile App for Your Business

There are plenty of reasons why companies and individuals choose to have their mobile app. Here are a few important facts

End to End Mobile App Development Services

Our complete team covers from Android and iOS app design, coding, database building and server-side implementation. Here are the six main stages of mobile app development:

Information Gathering

Our mobile app research environment analysis helps to create an online experience that provides your users with the best way to find what they want. We look at the overall marketplace from the buyer perspective, focus on their pain points to establish how your users think and how they will find you. We work with you at all stages to get you the best results your business needs.

UI/UX Design

A good user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are crucial to the success of mobile apps. Apps with a poorly designed UI/UX may be uninstalled immediately once downloaded, or become unusable after a short period of time. We use our functional, business, and digital design background to implement user interfaces that are engaging, interactive and fluid across multiple screen sizes.

Back-End Mobile App Development

Transputec uses a client-centred approach to ensure that we deliver what you need to achieve your business objectives. We build secured and well architected backend solutions that can scale to fit your business growth and increased demands. Backend solutions are designed to work seamlessly with web front end, mobile apps, desktop applications or API’s to integrate with other third party applications and resources..

Secure Mobile Applications

Security should be considered as part of the development process, from the early stages of planning out the architecture, down to data encryption used when syncing critical information to our cloud servers. We review and update the security standards of your application, even beyond what is essential, to stay ahead of the latest threats and vulnerabilities.


We test mobile applications from the moment of conception, all the way through to the final release on various devices. We ensure that they perform as expected and do not have any unexpected bugs or glitches. We take responsibility for testing your mobile application throughout its life cycle.

24/7 Support

Our mobile applications support team is not only available during the design and implementation phase, but also to make sure you do not have any issues or bugs when your application is in production and ready for use. We provide 24/7 support to help answer any questions or fix any issues you might come across.

Why do customers choose Transputec for Mobile App Development?

Development is in our DNA, since Transputec's formation in 1986 we have had the pleasure of serving customers in all walks of life and the privilege of developing applications in many different languages across different platforms.
Our people remain up-to-date with the advances in development technology, flexible in their approach and aligned to quality standards.
crises control

“Crises Control was first conceived of and developed in-house by Transputec and then, as it became a roaring success, was spun out as a new start-up company. The success of Crises Control since then has been based very largely on the expertise and innovation of the Development Team at Transputec. They have kept us ahead of the game in a very competitive field and allowed us to punch well above our weight in a crowded global market for mass notification solutions. They are very proactive, not just responding to our development requests, but also making suggestions to us based on market intelligence and

technological innovation. I could not be happier with them and we plan to continue outsourcing all our application development needs to them for the foreseeable future.”

Shalen Sehgal, Managing Director

Crises Control

Transputec really got under the skin of our business to develop this tailor made product. We are a growing business and this portal was developed with our future ambitions in mind. Like our business, they are always on – 24/7 which is important for me and my team. We need to know that someone will be available should a problem arise – whether that’s at midday or midnight. Transputec are always at hand to give us the answer or solution we need, no matter what the time.

Kevin Burton, Excel Security Director

Excel Security LTD

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