Why Customer Satisfaction is Important: The Key to a Successful Business

Why Customer Satisfaction is Important: The Key to a Successful Business

In order for any business to survive, it needs customers. And in order to both attract new customers and keep the customers they have the business needs to be providing services that generates high levels of customer satisfaction, encouraging them to procure more services from them and to recommend them to their peers.

At Transputec, we see this cycle as vital to our success. We provide excellent services to improve the experience for our customers, and our customers inspire us to provide ever improving services.

Saahil Sharma, Marketing Intern at Transputec tells us more about how customer service and high levels of customer satisfaction are a part of everything we do.

Keeping an eye on our performance: How we measure customer satisfaction

We care about our customers. Your success is our success, and we aim to be with you every step of the way. We welcome dialogue from our customers in order to understand how we are performing.

Customer feedback is one tool that we use to improve our services. If our customers rate us highly, we know we are doing things right. If it is low, we know we have to improve. As a result, we ask our customers to rate us, and the satisfaction scores provided by our customers are analysed, and feedback is incorporated into our training and ways of working. We are delighted to be able to maintain a world class customer satisfaction score of over 80%.

Another tool we use to measure satisfaction is the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

The NPS estimates the likelihood of our customers recommending our services to other businesses who may also require our services. The NPS is calculated by directly asking customers whether they would recommend our services. Responses are scored, and we are assigned a score for each customer who responds. We then monitor our real time Net Promoter score – which is currently sitting at 80 again, a world class score.

Unhappy customers walk. And that’s why again we measure our customer retention rates. What this figure tells us is how many of our customers renew their contracts with us, or expand the services they buy from us, enabling us to build and grow partnerships with them that benefit us both. We are proud of our real time customer retention rate of 96%.

Every department at Transputec from service delivery managers to account managers share responsibility for achieving these customer satisfaction goals.

How do we maintain high levels of customer satisfaction?

Dedicated account managers are our secret weapon to meeting our customers’ needs and expectation. This dedicated account manager is the first point of contact for all a customer’s needs. Many of our account managers have been with us for a long time and have built relationships with clients through working with them on many different projects. This longevity of service improves our organisational ability to understand our customers’ business needs, and how to provide a solution that suits them.

An example of our dedicated account managers being used to improve the service we provide to our customers, was our work with the Woodland Trust. Over the course of last year, our account managers and service delivery managers supported Woodland Trust through three major IT projects as part of their digital transformation. I was fortunate to watch first hand as account managers worked tirelessly over weeks and months to make a success of the projects.

Our pledge for the coming year is to continue to satisfy our customers, build long term, multi-service relationships with clients, and provide world class services that mean that our customers keep coming back while also recommending us to their peers.

By Saahil Sharma

Digital Marketing Intern at Transputec LTD.

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