Using Smart Cloud Services to Power Innovation and Accelerate Digital Transformation

Using Smart Cloud Services to Power Innovation and Accelerate Digital Transformation

Businesses of all sizes and sectors are turning to cloud services as cloud technology increasingly becomes a business differentiator rather than a business overhead. Managed services usually focus on cloud migration, infrastructure management, and using the cloud to handle enterprise IT workloads. However, smart cloud solutions can offer so much more.

According to Deloitte’s global outsourcing survey, 93% of organisations were considering cloud solutions to help gain a competitive advantage, by accelerating business change, driving top-line growth, and enabling more agile, effective operations.

  • 35% of executives adopted the cloud with the goal of lowering expenses.
  • 56% said it helps their organisations improve performance.
  • 64% said the cloud is a catalyst for IT innovation or that it improves time to market.

At Transputec, global cloud services are at the core of our award-winning managed IT services offer. We partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS and Microsoft Azure to deliver cost-effective and secure cloud services to a range of businesses. Increasingly, we are also working with our clients to maximise cloud technology and accelerate digital transformation.

Implementing an ERP platform in the cloud

Our DevOps service provides continuous integration and delivery to automate business operations quickly and securely. Our client Grand City Properties was experiencing issues integrating their enterprise resource planning system, Odoo, and this was becoming critical for their business operations. Based on their business requirements, we recommended an alternative strategy of a cloud hosted solution in Microsoft Azure. Our specialists migrated their on-premise monolithic server environment to a universally available and scalable distributed server infrastructure in Azure. Using cloud hosting not only resolved their ERP integration challenges but also allowed them the flexibility to scale up to meet future increases in load and demand.

Leveraging cloud API

Vastmindz is part of the Transputec family of companies and delivers some of the most innovative tools in AI to make health diagnostics more accessible to all. Vastmindz healthcare AI solutions can extract the physiology of a human being by analysing a video of their face. By passing video frames to their proprietary algorithms that are hosted in Microsoft Azure, Vastmindz analyses changes in the RGB signals of the frames that relate to a person’s key vitals. By leveraging Azure Kubernetes clusters, they can achieve a high-performance solution with the appropriate scalability for millions of users.

Cloud and the post Covid recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting dispersed workforce have accelerated the need for businesses to invest more in cloud technology as a business enabler. Incorporating innovative cloud services can empower organisations to increase their productivity, adapt faster and future-proof their business. Whether it is accelerating your digital roadmap or assisting your AI strategy, make sure you are maximising cloud services to empower the digital tools you need to thrive in the post-COVID economic recovery.

Stuart Salt
Services Director

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