Transputec 2023 Journey: A Look at Highs and Lows

Transputec 2023

As we wrap up 2023, let’s take a moment to look back at the highs and lows that defined the Transputec 2023 journey. It’s been a year full of achievements and hurdles, showcasing our growth, resilience, and dedication to excellence. Join us as we reminisce about the key moments that shaped our year.

February: A Launch of Promise

Transputec 2023 embarked on a promising note by introducing the Intern Programme. It wasn’t just about hiring; it was a commitment to nurturing young talents. Throughout Transputec 2023, we had the pleasure of working with four interns. Our goal was simple: provide them with a platform to learn, grow, and contribute to our team. The program focused on creating a culture of continuous learning and development. This way, our interns, along with the rest of the team, could easily share ideas and insights, making our workplace collaborative and innovative. This initiative has not only fostered a collaborative and innovative workplace but has also resulted in eight full-time staff members, with three still contributing their talents to our collective success.

March: Embracing Green Horizons

Embracing sustainability in Transputec 2023 we installed 70 solar panels to contribute to a greener future, setting the stage for environmental responsibility. The environmental impact has been substantial, with a 28% reduction in units consumed and we are now looking at expanding that project into 2024 with additional panels to generate renewable energy.

April and May: Beyond Office Walls in Transputec 2023

Our Transputec 2023 team went beyond the traditional confines of the workplace by actively participating in the “Keep Britain Tidy” initiative. Engaging in litter-picking activities demonstrated our commitment to making a positive impact on the communities where we live and work. These initiatives not only contributed to cleaner environments but also strengthened our bonds as a team through shared experiences of giving back to society.

June and July: A Bittersweet Farewell and Community Commitment

June brought both a somber and celebratory note as we bid farewell to Anish, a valued and long-standing member of our Transputec’s   family. However, July ushered in a renewed spirit with the Haven Charity Walk and active participation in School Work Experience Week. These events showcased our commitment to community engagement, emphasizing the importance of giving back and supporting the growth and development of future professionals.

September: Triumphs and Technological Leaps for Transputec 2023

 September was a month of triumphs. Transputecs received the prestigious Cloud Excellence Awards Winner and PCR MSP of the Year accolades, recognizing our excellence in cloud services and managed service provision. The launch of NEO, our AI initiative, marked a strategic move towards embracing cutting-edge technology to enhance our managed service offerings, demonstrating our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends

October and November: Sustaining Excellence and Industry Recognition

Collaborating with Better Futures and the Mayor of London, Transputecs played a central role in the Sustainability Showcase in October, highlighting our dedication to eco-friendly practices. The awards continued in November, with the CRN Highly Commended Reseller of 2023 title and our team securing the Largest Single Value Deal in the millions. These achievements underscored our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our clients and being recognized as a leader in our industry.

And here’s some exciting news! Our clients are really happy with us. We’ve kept a super high Net Promoter Score of 84 plus throughout the year,  and our customer satisfaction levels have consistently stayed in the high 90s.

As we say goodbye to 2023, let’s recognize that every up and down shaped Transputec 2023 journey. We stayed strong in our commitment to being excellent, innovative, and sustainable. Big cheers to the lessons learned, challenges faced, and successes celebrated.

Thanks a tonne for being part of our adventure. As we look forward, let’s raise a glass to an even brighter future! Contact us here.


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