The Value of Smarter Datacenter Services

As organisations expand in the next five years, diverse and efficient datacentre strategy will be essential. The future datacentre will need to be flexible, highly automated and based on workload demand. For many, this business transformation will include new product development, mergers and acquisitions, geographic expansion, cross-selling opportunities, and partnerships.

This IBM white paper provides an overview of how IT organizations can optimise across the entire lifecycle of their datacentres and build a strong foundation for future operations, including:

• Increasing efficiency of IT and facilities

• Improving user support and protection

• Increasing flexibility responsiveness to the business

Extracts from the Report: “Many datacenter managers have already made lengthy inroads to increase IT resource utilization. IT managers have virtualized, increased the number of logical servers per system administrator, and deployed tools in datacenters to manage the environment more effectively. According to IDC’s recent virtualization survey, in 2011, one in five physical servers shipped will be virtualized. From the workload view, that equates to 65% of all workloads running on a virtualized physical host. This difference from the physical virtualization to the workload view is due to the increased density possible with virtualization. In 2011, IT managers will deploy over seven virtual machines (VMs) per host.”

The full report. explaining how to achieve a diverse and efficient datacentre strategy can be downloaded here.

Source: IBM

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