Task tracking mobile app saves national locksmith time and money

Task tracking mobile app saves national locksmith time and money

A new online task management portal developed by Transputec for Excel Security is improving cost efficiencies and streamlining processes for the national locksmith service.

The portal, which can be accessed by Excel’s locksmiths and carpenters via a mobile App, went live this month following weeks of rigorous testing by their engineers.

It offers a single central task processing platform that allows customers to create jobs orders online and push the order through the fulfillment process. It provides full visibility of all orders created by staff and customers to the relevant users and processors, avoiding duplication. Already it is saving employee time and providing accurate live reporting and prioritisation of jobs across the business.

As a result, all job orders are accurately recorded the first time and internal users and remote engineers can process them efficiently. Excel Security estimates that the new system is saving them 40 man hours every week.

The portal also automatically updates Excel’s entire system with new data, thereby reducing data processing time, errors and providing up-to-date information to staff, engineers, management and customers.

The new system was in direct response to Excel’s customer demand. Before this, the process was challenging and labour intensive. It was also error prone, required multiple data entry, and didn’t provide a single overview of the business data.

Excel Security Director, Kevin Burton, approached Transputec earlier this year, explaining that they wanted a streamlined, efficient online system that could also be used by their engineers who attend sites across the country. Excel allowed 10 months for development and installation of the system but it took us just five months for it go live – with barely any glitches.

The feedback from Kevin and the team at Excel is very positive and they are delighted that they can now view job tracking information online with this cost-effective solution. In Kevin’s words: “We are very happy with this bespoke system developed by Transputec. They really got under the skin of our business to develop this tailor made product that is also quick and simple to use for our team of qualified locksmiths and carpenters who need to provide a speedy response to our customers.”

It’s been a pleasure developing this customised solution for Excel Security. With their large nationwide operation, multiple end users and swift delivery turnarounds, it was essential to provide them with an easy to use solution that could be used on Android, Iox (Apple) and Windows mobile platforms. Excel Security is a growing business and this portal was also developed with their future ambitions in mind. It has huge capabilities and can be used for other areas of their business. As they grow, this sustainable bespoke platform will continue to grow with them.


Mark Nightingale
Chief Operating Officer, Infrastructure Sales

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