Microsoft Copilot for Security is Available on 1st April 2024

Microsoft Copilot for Security

Microsoft Copilot for Security is an AI-powered security solution designed to enhance the efficiency and capabilities of security professionals. It offers a natural language, and assistive experience to support various security tasks like incident response, threat hunting, intelligence gathering, and posture management. This tool can swiftly summarise incident details, assess their impact, provide guidance on remediation steps, and generate executive summaries or reports on security investigations. Additionally, Security Copilot provides information on potential threats and vulnerabilities, offering prescriptive guidance to protect organisations. The solution also integrates threat intelligence and authoritative content through plugins, enabling access to a wide range of security resources.

CoPilot for Security (Video Credit: Microsoft)

As a trusted Microsoft partner, Transputec is well-equipped to guide organisations through the implementation and utilisation of CoPilot for Security.

Microsoft Copilot for Security is designed to empower your security teams, enhancing their ability to respond swiftly and streamline threat-hunting processes. According to Microsoft’s economic study, Copilot for Security delivers a remarkable 22% operational enhancement and a 7% increase in accuracy for teams utilising it. Microsoft Copilot for Security offers a range of benefits that enhance cybersecurity operations. Here are some key advantages:

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It summarises vast data signals into key insights to cut through the noise, detect cyber threats before they cause harm, and reinforce your security posture.
It puts critical guidance and context at security teams’ fingertips so they can respond to incidents in minutes instead of hours or days.
It empowers and advances the work of junior staff through step-by-step guidance and alleviates tedious tasks for senior staff so they can focus on strategic priorities.

Microsoft Security Copilot is a cutting-edge security solution that offers advanced capabilities, integrations, and industry-leading generative AI to support security teams. It is the first generative AI security product that empowers IT teams to protect at the speed and scale of AI while ensuring compliance with responsible AI principles. Here’s how it works:

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Microsoft Copilot for Security integrates with a suite of Microsoft products to provide a comprehensive security solution. Here are some of the key products that work in conjunction with Copilot for Security:

Microsoft SentinelOffers a bird’s-eye view across the enterprise, providing intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence.
Microsoft Defender XDRExtends detection and response capabilities across identity, endpoints, applications, email, and cloud workloads.
Microsoft IntuneProvides management of mobile devices and applications, ensuring security policies are consistently applied.
Microsoft EntraManages permissions and access, safeguarding against identity-related breaches.
Microsoft PurviewEnsures data protection and governance across your digital landscape.
Microsoft Defender Threat IntelligenceDelivers insights to understand, prioritise, and mitigate potential threats.
Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface ManagementHelps discover and secure your organisation’s external-facing assets.

These integrations enable Copilot for Security to leverage AI and machine learning to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of security operations, providing a unified security operations platform.

As a Microsoft partner, Transputec brings a wealth of expertise and experience to help you harness the full potential of CoPilot for Security. Our team of certified professionals will work closely with you to understand your unique security requirements and tailor a solution that aligns with your business objectives. Transputec earns the trust of organisations seeking to leverage CoPilot for Security:

Proven Track RecordWith decades of experience in the IT industry, Transputec has established a solid track record of delivering innovative solutions and exceptional service to clients across diverse sectors. Our history of successful engagements underscores our reliability and proficiency in handling complex cybersecurity challenges.
Microsoft PartnershipAs a certified Microsoft partner, Transputec possesses in-depth knowledge of Microsoft technologies and solutions, including CoPilot for Security. This partnership enables us to access exclusive resources, training, and support from Microsoft, ensuring that we stay abreast of the latest developments and best practices in cybersecurity.
Expertise and AccreditationOur team comprises highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in cybersecurity, cloud computing, and IT infrastructure management. We hold industry-recognised certifications and accreditations, demonstrating our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of expertise and professionalism.
Tailored SolutionsTransputec understands that every organisation is unique, with distinct security requirements and challenges. We take a personalised approach to CoPilot implementation, working closely with clients to assess their needs, design tailored solutions, and provide ongoing support to ensure maximum effectiveness and satisfaction.
Comprehensive SupportFrom initial consultation to deployment, optimisation, and beyond, Transputec offers comprehensive support at every stage of the CoPilot journey. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering timely assistance, proactive guidance, and responsive troubleshooting to address any issues or concerns that may arise.
Customer SatisfactionAt Transputec, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We prioritise open communication, transparency, and accountability in all our interactions with clients, striving to exceed their expectations and build long-lasting partnerships based on trust, integrity, and mutual respect.

Although there are no strict requirements regarding licensing or minimum seat quotas, it’s essential to recognise that the full potential of Copilot can be unlocked if you’ve already integrated Microsoft’s existing Security products.

Furthermore, Microsoft has introduced a flexible pay-as-you-go licensing model for Copilot for Security via Azure. This adaptable pricing structure aims to make the service accessible to a broader range of organisations, enabling them to adjust usage and costs according to their specific requirements and financial plans. Copilot for Security will be accessible through all agreement types, including EA and CSP agreements. For further details on this exciting development, please refer to Microsoft’s comprehensive blog post.

Transputec distinguishes itself as a trusted partner in CoPilot for Security through its proven expertise, Microsoft partnership, personalised approach, comprehensive support, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. With Transputec by your side, you can rest assured that your cybersecurity needs are in capable hands, empowering you to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and resilience. Contact us today to explore the possibilities.


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What is Microsoft Security Copilot?

Microsoft Security Copilot is an AI cybersecurity product designed to empower security professionals. It enables them to respond swiftly to threats, process signals at machine speed, and assess risk exposure within minutes. Unlike other AI security products, Security Copilot combines a specialised large language model (LLM) with security-specific capabilities from Microsoft. These capabilities draw from Microsoft’s unique global threat intelligence and over 65 trillion daily signals.

How is Security Copilot different from other AI security products?

Security Copilot stands out because it integrates a specialised LLM with Microsoft’s security-specific capabilities. Its skill set continues to expand, informed by real-world threat intelligence. No other security AI product combines these elements in the same way.

Does Security Copilot work with other Microsoft Security products?

Absolutely! Security Copilot seamlessly integrates with various Microsoft Security products, including Microsoft Defender XDR, Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Intune, and Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence. By leveraging data and signals from these products, Security Copilot generates customised guidance for security professionals.

What languages are supported during the Early Access Program?

Initially, the Security Copilot Early Access Program will be available only in English. However, additional language support is planned for the future.

What happens to customer data after the Early Access Program ends?

If customers choose to purchase Security Copilot once it becomes Generally Available (GA), they can continue using its capabilities. However, if they decide not to purchase the GA version, their data will be purged according to Microsoft’s data retention policy.

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